X Finds His Spot

“The marathon wait is over.” The rumors regarding Dez Bryant signing with the New Orleans Saints were confirmed on Wednesday, November 7, 2018. After a suspenseful yet optimistic night, waiting to hear a confirmation, the Who Dat Nation received word that he will indeed be signing a one-year deal, the amount of which has not yet been released to the public.

While the reactions toward this deal are split between excited and disappointed, this is a good deal for the Saints. For those who are skeptical, consider this:

1) Dez is still in good, athletic shape. Sean Payton amongst others were impressed with his performance in the individual workout they brought him in for, and Sean’s judgement is very trustworthy (remember Kamara?)

2) The worry about his locker room vibe should no longer be a concern. Sean Payton will not allow this to cause problems, and would not sign anyone that he believes might potentially be a “locker room cancer.” The team, with the way they are vibing with each other right now also would not allow him to taint the culture. Dez is coming into a team that plays like a team, rather than a group of individuals, and does so at a high level.


3) Dez will add more depth. Imagine this: Michael Thomas and Dez Bryant out wide, Tre’quan Smith in the slot, first ballot hall-of-famer Drew Brees at quarterback, on top of the already excellent running game. What team is going to stop that? Sean Payton doesn’t want to just be very good on offense, he wants to be unstoppable. Dez Bryant might be the key, or at least a key, to making that happen.

Again, this is a good move by the Saints. The zeal to be the absolute best that they can be shows just how badly they want to go all the way. This Saints team will settle for nothing less than a Super Bowl, and we are all here for it.