Who Dat Nation: The Real X-Factors

In every football game, analysts and commentators will pick a player who could be considered the X-factor. This player usually can make a difference in the end result of a game. Whenever I do a pre-game analysis, I try to figure out who that player or players could be depending on the match-up. This time around the X-factor is not a player but a group of people that can have the biggest impact on any game on any given Sunday. We refer to this group of people as none other than the fans of the Who Dat Nation.

Do you know what it is like to be on a field with thousands of screaming fans? Personally, I have been to several college stadiums like Oregon, Oregon State, Tulsa and Arkansas to name a few. It can get pretty loud when their team scores any form of points. But they cannot even compare of what it is like being in the Dome. When the Saints score a touchdown or there is a big third down in a game, it gets so deafening that you cannot even hear the person standing right next to you. The Who Dat Nation is one of the best, if not the best, fans in the entire NFL. Others may state their claim but there is no comparison.

Who Dats love their football any way they can get it. Ironically, New Orleans was the 3rd highest viewing city last night for the CFP National Championship game. They may have been LSU fans enjoying the beat down that Clemson put on rival Alabama but nonetheless we enjoy a good football game. There is no other feeling like being in the Dome on a Sunday afternoon or evening. Fans will tailgate for hours no matter what time the game is for. But when they walk inside and get settled in, all opposing teams had better say a prayer and put tape on their helmets because once we start, we will NOT stop until the clock hits triple zeros.

You will constantly hear commentators mention how loud it can get down on the field. This Sunday will be no different when the Saints take on the Philadelphia Eagles. It has been 9 years since we tasted a Super Bowl victory and all the similarities from this year and 2009 are very eerie that you cannot help but believe that history will repeat itself. However, the Saints must take care of business this week to be one win away from another Super Bowl. So Who Dat Nation, you are the X-factor this week and the Saints will need everyone to be as loud as they have ever been before in their life. We are doing this for Drew Brees, for Ben Watson who will retire at season’s end, but most importantly we are doing this for the late Tom Benson who’s spirit lives through all of us.