Trap Game That Wasn’t

This was a trap game for the Saints as Vegas installed them as between 8 to 9 point favorites. Man those desert boys don’t miss much do they? Anyway, recent Black and gold squads may have let this opportunity slip away. The 2017 version of our team has something, dare I say, special going on. Today they got 299 yards on 28 attempts from Drew and 101 yards on 30 carries. How is that for balance people? Brees throwing less than 30 times in a game should pay off in late December and beyond. The two unfortunate fumbles by Ingram were the big problems that kept the Bears in the game.

The team, in my opinion, played right at times and kept an inferior team in the contest until the end. Nonetheless, a win is a win New Orleans sits atop the NFC South at 5-2. Vaccaro, Robertson, Hendrickson and DROY candidate Lattimore had great games. On offense the O line was solid as always versus an active Bears front. Drew was an efficient, almost game manager like, qb. Kamara and Ingram were very good save for the 2 fumbles. The kicking game was solid, as was the rest of the special teams.

Next we get the Bucs whose ship appears to be taking on water, but it’s a division fame anything can happen. I hope they clean up the negatives and continue what may become a very interesting season.

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