Thursday Nightmare

I watched our Saints battle all Thursday night against two hideous beasts, the Falcons and the zebras. I’ve seen thousands of football games and I’m not one to blame officials for a loss, but those referees were the equivalent of the Cleveland Browns in pinstripes. I’m not going to look up statistics now but off the top of my head Atlanta got awarded 9 first downs while we were given none. The team suffered multiple injuries to key personnel including Kamara, A J Klein and Trey Hendrickson among others. All that said the Saints had a chance to at least tie but a bad decisions by Brees ended the last New Orleans offensive drive. A call against LeRibeus, usually refs give a warning before calling this, took three off the board as time ran out in first half.

Matty “thrice” threw 3 ints to the defense who played very good in Atlanta. A phantom roughing the passer call on Rankins gave the Falcons a key first down that led to a touchdown.

Deion Jones ex LSU linebacker made the two biggest defensive plays of the game, the Kamara helmet to helmet hit, with no call, and the endzone acrobatic interception in the final stanza. Even Sean Payton got frustrated by the officials and got a sideline infraction that ended any hope of a miracle victory. It’s hard enough to beat a good team on the road in a short week without having to overcome the officials. Win or learn, right fellow WhoDats?! I think at minimum the Saints win two of the last three games, maybe all three. As I watch my Navy boys lose in Philly to Army in the snow by a foot, l am reminded of last Thursdays’ heart wrenching , yet they can learn from the defeat. I found a great recipe for Falcon, it’s imperative to have the oven on exactly 283 degrees or it will be dry. The Jets should be treated with as much disrespect as possible and I think all three remaining games can be 10 -14 plus points to make the final 12-4 record a real possibility. Gotta move on from that Thursday game and close this season on a roll, I feel they will do that.