Ross Jackson

The Saints Should Take a Look at Newly Available Bruce Irvin

Earlier today the Oakland Raiders, as they continue they’re wild and crazy season, released veteran DE Bruce Irvin. Irvin spent the last three years in the Bay Area after starting his career in Seattle.

With the Saints missing rookie edge rusher Marcus Davenport for about a month, it would be a good look by New Orleans to inspect the signing of the pass rusher.

In his seven years, Irvin compiled 264 total tackles, 51 for a loss, and 40 sacks. The Saints will miss the pass rushing abilities of the young Davenport, but perhaps may miss his play in run defense even more. That’s why a signing like Bruce Irvin would make sense as he plays well in both elements. Right now, the Saints are hoping that Trey Hendrickson can pick up the missed production with Davenport out, but will likely sacrifice some efficiency in run defense when the situational pass rusher is on the field. With a player like Irvin, you could have both.

The Saints would have to make room for the vet as they only have just over $1M in space at the moment. But he could be a huge signing for the second half of the season, even after Davenport returns.