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The Saints Close Out the 2019 NFL Draft by Selection Idaho LB Kaden Elliss at 244

Okay. This has been one of my favorite late-round gems. Elliss is athletic and fast at powerful Linebacker that’s flown heavily under the radar because of his small school affiliation and also because of his “tweener” type. Here’s what I wrote about Elliss in my mock draft when I picked him to the Saints at 202.

“Elliss can play all over the second level and has experience along the entire front seven. Could be a contributor off the edge and creating another pass rushing presence at the Linebacker position aside from Demario Davis who rushed the passer almost twice the amount of each Anzalone and Klein. Elliss’s play strength, speed, and explosiveness also make him an excellent special teams option.”

Obviously the Saints feel good about the natural tools he brings and have a vision for where he can fit. Darren Rizzi gets a phenomenal piece to add to his special teams unit while Dennis Allen and Mike Nolan get a versatile piece along the front seven. Elliss is a guy who could challenge Trey Hendrickson for a rotational role on the edge, provide depth behind the second level, and can even contribute on the other side of the ball…

The NFL just let a versatile player that can do a ton fall into the hands of a couple of masterminds in Sean Payton and Dennis Allen. Elliss is what Day 3 is all about. Players that can contribute all over the field. We see it with Saquan Hampton and Kaden Elliss now. This is about to be fun. Now the Saints gear up for the Undrafted Free Agency period, which is always a fun one for New Orleans.


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