The Crescent City Connection

The clock will soon strike midnight on the Drew Brees and Sean Payton offensive juggernaut. Not since Dan Fouts’ Air Coryell, Walsh’s early Montana led West Coast, Buffalo’s K Gun, or Marino’s Dolphin squad has an offense been so exciting. The duration of this run, however, is unmatched save Manning and the Colts. The problem, similar to Manning, is an abysmal defense for many of these seasons. Another issue is Drew is now 38 years old and despite no slip in performance, how much longer can we expect this excellence?

Since this blessed duo was first assembled the offense has put up consistent, in some cases, historical numbers. Since 2006 they led the NFL in offense six times and finished second twice. So eight out of the eleven years, they finished in the top two, that’s astounding! The only real comparison would be Manning on the Colts, but even his season numbers don’t compete with number 9. The last three years have been frustrating, but never boring with the Who Dat high wire act. Last year the team was pretty much fighting in every game, and four of the loses were within three points. With a little bit more luck they could have been 10-6 very easily.

The Saints record the last ten seasons is 91-69, good for seventh in the league, which includes five 7-9 campaigns. We are in the two minute drill of Drew Brees’ career and maybe the the final Mardi Gras float for Coach Payton in New Orleans. One is the greatest quarterback and coach duos in Saints history, and they will both be in Canton one day. They were large parts of a team that brought the Saints a Super Bowl, and as a die-hard fan that can’t be underestimated. I think these two offensive masterminds are capable of one more run, and wouldn’t that be a fitting end to a truly epic working relationship? With these two men New Orleans have a chance, and always entertain.