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Texans New Faces and What Nola Can Expect

We’re officially less than a week out from regular season kickoff on Monday Night Football for the Saints. They face off against the Houston Texans on prime time televsion. During cut day, where a lot of players are trying to figure out if they will make teams or not, a few players ended up where they didn’t expect in Houston. It may affect Saints game planning days leading up to the game, which in a way gives the Texans an advantage. However, NOLA also gets an advantage due to new players being limited in what they know in the playbook, causing miscommunications and player mistakes.

Houston brought in running back Duke Johnson a few weeks back to team with Lamar Miller. Miller suffered an unexpected ligament tear in his knee resulting in a lost season. The Texans sent the Kansas City Chiefs a draft pick for running back Carlos Hyde. He is a veteran all around runner who has been proven to carry the load, but changing teams constantly makes you question teams opinions on him. He can get the job done, working in a committee with Duke will help. The biggest question was the offensive line this summer, but another addition was made.

Laremy Tunsil, a first round talent from Ole Miss, was obtained in a trade that the Texans gave up a nice amount of early round draft picks. The Texans are clearly in win now mode. Tunsil is a premier offensive lineman, who is a great piece to build around, which is why I’m surprised the Dolphins let him go, but that’s another conversation. Above average left tackles are like an attractive woman with a good personality & cooking skills; you don’t let them go. Texans won by providing more help for their franchise quarterback. You think they are done? Nope, there a familiar face was also welcomed in Houston.

Former Saints wide receiver Kenny Stills was moved for the second time in his career. At first the Stills trade rumors came as a surprise, but after digging deeper the you could see the writing on the wall. He has been voicing his opinions on ownership, so the foreshadowing was there. He is a quality all around receiver who can do damage on all levels of the field.


Its hard to expect much out any of these player for week 1 because of how little time these they’ve had on the team. Laremy Tunsil may be the only one who has a chance to play every offensive snap. Marcus Davenport needs to have a coming out party and take advantage of the possibility of Tunsil adjusting to a new team and playbook. The Texans receiving corp is set for the most part, but Kenny could make a guest appearance in 3 or 4 wide receiver sets based on injury status of Keke Coutee. We may see a lot of Nickle and Dime from the Saints, due to two Texan tight ends being moved to injury reserve. Duke Johnson has been with the team for few weeks longer than Hyde, but Hyde is a better fit for 1st and 2nd downs. We will most likely see a running back by committee. The Saints & newly acquired Kiko Alonzo will be ready.

I expect the new players to really upgrade the Texans offense, but it will take time, and they may not hitting on all cylinders week 1. Jadaveon Clowney has been moved as well, which benefits the Saints greatly. Hopefully the multi player turnaround results in a week 1 opening night win for the Saints. Whodat!!!!!!!

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