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Teddy Bridgewater is a Saint and He Plays for Them Too

On the 13th year anniversary to the day of Drew Brees signing with the Saints after not being cleared by Miami Dolphins medical staff, Teddy Bridgewater signs with New Orleans after Miami made a late push to sign him Wednesday night. There was a lot of back and forth. Earlier this week it looked like Bridgewater was simply waiting to sign his contract with the Saints despite a larger offer from Miami. However, as the new league year began the ‘Phins turned it into a nailbiter for the Who Dat Nation as they brought in Bridgewater for a visit at their facilities. Teddy lives in Miami, so it wasn’t at all out of his way to go. He left that night without a contract and announced his signing with New Orleans Thursday evening via Twitter with two incredibly energizing tweets that quickly made the rounds before the news was official.

Bridgewater’s new contract with the Saints is a one-year deal for $7.25M completely guaranteed. He also has incentives in place that could bring the contract up to a max $12.5M. This likely has to do with playing time thresholds in case he ends up starting games or playing this season for considerable time.


Many are grateful to see Teddy back in the black and gold behind Drew Brees. However, there’s some confusion over the contract. Bridgewater is expected to become the heir to Drew Brees to take the reins once he retires. So why a one-year deal? It’s simple, actually. The Saints will have several players to extend next season. Big time play makers and starts around Bridgewater. They sign a one-year deal now to protect the cap for next season and resign him with a starter’s pay once he takes over and the extensions have been considered against whatever next year’s cap number will be. It does not, however, have anything to do with these useless rumors floating about in regards to Sean Payton to Dallas.

Teddy turned down some extra cash this season, but looks to have cashed in for his career here in New Orleans. And the city, fans, and team could not be happier about it. Just three years in 2009 after signing with the Saints Drew Brees won a Super Bowl in Miami, as fate would have it. Teddy Two-Gloves says he hopes history will repeat itself this time around for him. Without a doubt, the Who Dat Nation is behind that.

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