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Taysom Hill: New Orleans Saints’ heir apparent?

Drew Brees has informed the nation that he will return for his 20th NFL season. The next question will be what kind of deal will he get from the Saints. However, there is an even bigger question that looms for the Black & Gold. Who will be his successor? There has been several rumors as to who that may be. Some believe that individual is on the roster, Taysom Hill is New Orleans Saints heir apparent at quarterback.

Loomis said on SiriusXM NFL Radio. “We love Taysom, love what he’s done for us. He’s got a bright future. We have a vision for him. I think he feels the same way, I think he feels strongly about his experience in New Orleans and would love to be back with us. That’s 90 percent of the battle.”

We all know what kind of weapon Hill can be in Sean Payton’s offense. As we have written about before, a big factor in keeping taysom will be the role he can be used in. His versatility has given him a handful of nicknames from the fans; the Mormon Hercules, the Moron missile, the human Swiss Army knife, White Vick and Taysom Trill. He will run, catch, block, pass, and sell popcorn at the same time. For these reasons, he has all the assets to be a full-time quarterback in this league. The only knock is his age, given that he will be 30 when the new season starts. Given that Brees is still playing past 40 is enough to debunk that factor.

The Arm

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If there is one thing the Who Dat Nation wants more of, it is definitely the deep ball. Brees can chuck the ball a good amount but not as accurately as days past. Hill can give you that threat down the field. A couple of examples both came against the Vikings. He was able to hit Michael Thomas and Deonte Harris on separate occasions for big plays to put the team in the red zone. You will notice that in both throws that Hill does not even move his hips forward. Imagine what he can do working on that in the offseason. Not to mention if the Saints can add speed options at receiver.


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The NFL is transitioning to an era of the dual threat or mobile quarterback. Lamar Jackson, Patrick Mahomas, Deshaun Watson and Josh Allen are just a few notable names when you think of the term. Hill has the wheels to extend plays, avoid sacks, and power his way for a first down. This would be a great extension to an offense that is already lethal. The one knock on this would be for him to learn to slide. But man is it fun watching him run over people.


Learning From Drew Brees

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Hill has the best asset of any quarterback in the league: playing with Drew Brees. Not many players can say they were on the same team as Brees, let alone learned from him. Hill has even once mentioned the unique opportunity that comes with being in the same huddle as the future Hall of Famer. They have been teammates for three years and hope to make it four next season. Given how much he has to learn as a weapon, Hill should have a better mindset as a full time quarterback. By no means will he become a cerebral assassin like Brees, but having a mentor of his caliber is a major plus in development.

Now the question remains how things go forward between Taysom Hill and the New Orleans Saints? Will they re-sign him? Will they let him walk? (The Saints could recoup a first or second round pick if they don’t match an offer on the RFA.) Will they keep as a weapon and if so what kind of weapon? Will the Saints groom Taysom Hill to be the Saints future successor? All we can do is wait to find out but we believe he is more than capable of taking the reigns even if it is for a just a few seasons. Truth be told, we love watching Taysom play and he will continue to be a fan favorite.