Success of a Crescent City Connection

Anyone that has had the viewing pleasure of watching Drew Brees throwing a football to Michael Thomas knows that is nothing short of magical. Both players are having the kind of season that rewrites record books, for Brees this is just another season of what he does, but Thomas is making people believe what Saint’s fans already know. Brees is set to achieve several all time passing records held by legends of the game and furthering his case as the greatest of all time. Thomas, is relatively new to the record books, but he’s already started to fill the pages and make his name known.

On April 29, 2016, all NFL receiving records became endangered when the Saints selected Michael Thomas in the second round of the NFL draft with the 47th overall pick. His first year with the Saints, he set franchise records for receptions, receiving yards, and touchdowns. Entering into his 3rd year with the Saints, he has already set NFL records for the first 3 games with 38 receptions on 40 targets, that’s a 95% catch rate. Thomas knew going into this season what he could possibly do coming up with a theme for it calling it, “The no record is safe tour Vol.3”. The way it is looking so far is that no record is safe, and if Thomas continues putting up the numbers he has so far he will have almost every single season receiving record. He’s on pace to break Marvin Harrison’s record of 143 receptions by week 12 and Calvin Johnson’s 1,964 reception yards by week 15. He’s earning his place alongside the all time greats and showing why he is one of the elites, if not the best receiver in the NFL.

When it comes to Drew Brees, it’s hard to think that there’s actually still records left out there untouched by him, but even at age 39 he still never stops amazing us. In week 3 of this year, Brees passed by Brett Farve’s completion record of 6,300 and his next major record to break is passing yardage. Brees is 3rd in passing yardage at the moment, but he should pass Brett Farve for number 2 in next weeks game and in the following weeks game take the record from Payton Manning of 71,940 yards at home in the Dome. Brees is also on track to rewrite his completion percentage record of 67.1%, his passing percentage is at an unheard of 80.6% for the season. It’s hard to understand why someone so accomplished has never earned a league MVP award or is in the conversation with that other quarterback as the greatest of all time.

Does Brees make Thomas go, or does Thomas make Brees go, but what is certain is that they have a special connection together. Brees does not deny that he’s talked many times before about their, “Special Relationship”. Thomas as well knows it too, he recently said that “He feels like he was brought here to send him (Brees) out the right way,”. The success they have shown already in the first quarter of the season could very well lead to sending him off in that right way (if only the defense played that way too). It’s unfortunate Thomas and Brees didn’t have a whole career with each other there is no doubt they could have been better than the Manning to Harrison duo, but in the few years they have had together they definitely have made the most of it. When it is all said and done, and the music has finally stopped playing, only the sky knows the limits these two will have reached, but for now they are the games best duo and greatest connection, “The Crescent City Connection”.