Saints Win in a Breeze

Yes I know, too obvious, but after Justin Tucker’s only extra point miss in college or pro I had to. The Saints grinded out a tough game against an elite defense on the road to win 24-23. Coach Payton was aggressive all game long and went for it on fourth down five times converting four of them. Drew Brew threw his 500th and 501st career touchdown pass, just think about that for a second, we are watching high art with number 9. The first Saint drive of 20 plays and 10 minutes, although fruitless, set the tone of playing to win in a hostile environment.

The New Orleans offensive line held up especially at the tackle spots, they have to be the best bookend tackles in the league, and after an 11 sack effort the previous week they allowed only one. Taysom Hill was effective again in my self proclaimed “Stormin Mormon Package,” he is just a damn good football player and they have to get him snaps, I think the count was 26. The Saints run defense held Baltimore to 77 rushing while the they ran for 133. Time of possession was in favor of New Orleans by about seven minutes which is much bigger than it sounds. The passing defense had some breakdowns but this is a talented team that has a good chance to go to the playoffs this year.

The look on Tucker’s face said it all, straight Voodoo, that ball was straight and the wind pushed it right like a bad slice on the driving range. Had this game been in the dome they go to overtime, but it was not and the Saints won. The offense got hard yards against a very stout defense and the defense made just enough plays to secure victory. Special teams was maybe the difference especially when maybe the best kicker in the league let them down, game of inches they say. This was a good start to what is a brutal stretch of the Saints schedule, but those kind of character building wins are the results good teams need.