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Saints vs Texans History

The regular season has finally come into fruition and the Who Dat Nation is eager for Monday night. The Saints will take on the Houston Texans in the first game of Monday Night Football. The hype around the match itself has been buzzing since the schedule release given the circumstances we shall not repeat. The Dome will be rocking and as loud as can be.

But before we get into this game, let us look at the history between the two franchises. The Saints and Texans are all even at two games a piece. Here is an in-depth look at how each game has played out:

Game 1: Saints 31 – Texans 10 (9/14/2003)

This was the Texans’ second season in the NFL and first match-up against the Saints. Given the score, you would have thought it was a blow out game. However, the stats showed that the game was pretty even with a combined 15 punts. Aaron Brooks, Deuce McAllister and Joe Horn were the leaders for the Saints in their respective categories. The defense also dominated with five sacks and two interceptions. For the Texans, Andre Johnson was the leading receiver as a rookie and only bright spot. Thankfully for them, the days of David Carr are far behind them.


Game 2: Texans 23 – Saints 10 (11/18/2007)

In Round 2, the Texans got the better of the Saints this time around. Kris Brown kicked three field goals that was the big difference and Johnson had another monster game. Their defense also stifled the Saints run game, only allowed 47 yards and forcing two interceptions. Reggie Bush had 12 receptions while Marques Colston accumulated 118 yards on nine catches. Once again, an even match-up in the stats outlook.

Game 3: Saints 40 – Texans 33 (9/25/2011)

This game was by far the most entertaining in the series and it was only the third week of the season. The Saints offense was the best in team history that year but the Texans gave them a fight for the ages. Just in the fourth quarter alone, the teams combined for 37 points and have five lead changes in the second half alone. Yet again, Johnson torched the Saints secondary with seven catches for 128 yards. Not to mention, Drew Brees and Matt Schaub combined for well over 700 passing yards. In the end, Mark Ingram scored the game winning touchdown to give the Saints the victory.

Game 4: Texans 24 – Saints 6 (11/29/2015)

Now this is the only game that was pretty much one sided from the start. The Texans dominated the Saints the entire day and broke Brees’ streak of games with a touchdown pass. Houston’s defense was the difference maker, stuffing the run game and constantly putting pressure on Brees while also allowing only 25 percent on 3rd downs. Needless to say, it was a game that Saints fans would like to forget, let alone the season as a whole.

Call me crazy, but I believe the NFL is up to something with these teams. The home team has won every game. Both games in New Orleans were in September and the games in Houston were in November. Now, it just so happens this game is on a Monday night in New Orleans in September. Could history repeat itself? Guess we’ll have to wait to find out. Who Dat!

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