Saints Vs Cowboys History

Sunday night in the Dome is one of the greatest experiences anyone could imagine. It is even better when the Saints play an opponent the Who Dat Nation can not stand. This will be the case when they face the Dallas Cowboys who come in undefeated. This is be the last game in the first quarter of the season and it has been a roller coaster already. We have seen a nail biter, a devastating injury to Drew Brees and an incredible team effort victory last week on the road. Nonetheless, this is another early season match-up with playoff atmosphere.

The history between these teams starts from the Saints’ first season in 1967. The Cowboys lead the all time series at 17-12. They dominated the rivalry from the start winning 11 of the first 12 games played between them. Since 1988, the script has been flipped tremendously. The Saints have won 11 of the past 17 games with five out of eight in the Payton and Brees era. Needless to say, the talent on both squads is competitive and has bright futures.

In the last several years, these teams have had some iconic games. The Saints have had huge wins in primetime against the Cowboys. In 2006, they dominated them 42-17 in their own house on SNF. They also gave them another beatdown in 2013 as well as breaking the record for first downs in a game with 40. But Dallas had their own big victory in 2014 on SNF by a score of 38-17 during the team’s dark times.

Those do not compare to the close finishes they have had as well. The Saints stole a Thanksgiving win in Dallas thanks to Malcolm Jenkins forcing a fumble late in the game. They also got an early Christmas victory in a see saw battle in 2012. The most memorable was the 26-20 overtime winner in 2015 with CJ Spiller taking it all the way on the first play. Even so, the Cowboys have played spoiler a couple of times. They ended the Saints undefeated season in 2009 in a hard fought 24-17 game. Last year, they did it again in a controversial 13-10 win on Thursday Night Football which halted a ten game win streak.


Overall, the rivalry has been a mixed bag of results. You never know what will happen when these two teams square up on gameday. Quite frankly, this will be a huge game for either team. The Saints need to prove their worth with Brees. The Cowboys need to show the world the first three games were not a fluke. All I know is that the Who Dat Nation will do their part and make it difficult all game long. WHO DAT!

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