Saints Player Comparison Part 1 (Offensive Skill Positions)

Throughout college football and the draft season players are often compared to others in, or that have been in the NFL. There are many times where I feel like people don’t understand comparison. When I try to relate players, I am looking at their size, skillset, stature, and playing style. If someone is compared to Leveon Bell, that doesn’t mean he is or will be the best running back in the league. There are too many variables that wont allow players to have the same production even if they are different. Randy Moss could have gone to a team with subpar quarterback play, and coaching that didn’t fit him, resulting in him never reaching the achievements that he did. Here are some of my comparisons. If your opinions differ feel than free to share, my opinion will still be the same. Thanks and enjoy.

Drew Brees – Case Keenum

Neither is physically intimidating in stature or has the big powerful arm that most others have. Keenum only showed one year of consistency compared to Drew’s almost two decades of work. Both have the ability to rock you to sleep with short to intermediate routes and sneak a deep ball in once you let your guard down. They also keep mistakes to a minimum, and can drive the field in the last minute to win the game. (Vikings game still hurts)

Mark Ingram – Emmitt Smith


Ingram and Smith both have a similar low to the ground running style with good build that isn’t too big or too small. They Are considered every down type backs. Neither will wow you with breakaway speed, but their balance of agility to make people miss, and power to drive through tacklers makes them a problem to defend. Neither had Barry Sanders type running excitement, but they churned out hard earned yards regardless.

Alvin Kamara – Marshall Faulk

This is the comparison Sean Payton had made and I completely agreed with. When Payton said that, I knew he was going to be a problem. Their ability to run inside, off tackle, outside with great vision, and catch passes with ease allows them to stay on the field in any situation and create a mismatch. Sean Payton also mentioned knowledge of the game for Kamara, which is the same thing Kurt Warner said of Marshall Faulk

Michael Thomas – Cris Carter

These guys are very much alike in the physicality department. Their routes make cornerbacks run every direction but the correct one some plays. Hand strength is something important when it comes to catching contested balls, and they both exhibited that. Speed isn’t exactly their forte, but their ability to catch balls with people draped on them made it not as important; although they can still beat you deep.

Ted Ginn – Joey Galloway

Speed is the name of the game when it comes down to both of these wide receivers. Galloway showed more consistent hands catching the ball, while Ginn dropped a few as a Panther, but did well securing catches last year as a Saint. Galloway at the end of his career was still one of the faster players in the league. Ted Ginn may still be among the fastest as well even though he is a little bit long in the tooth. These guys still give defenses a reason to keep the safeties backed up.

Ben Watson – Hayden Hurst

Hurst has not made a play in the NFL yet, but shows similar traits to Watson. Both showed above average downfield speed as far as the 40 yard dash goes. Watson ran a 4.53 in his younger days, while Hurst ran a 4.67. Neither takes over a game like a Rob Gronkowski (TBD for Hurst), but they have the ability to work underneath routes and the seams to make teams pick their poison on whether to cover them with a linebacker or defensive back. Nowadays many tight ends are categorized as blocker or receivers. These guys have shown the ability to do both in their playing careers. Hayden Hurst still needs to dos it at the NFL level. Off the field both guys have shown to be mature quality locker room guys.

Small Print: These comparisons are made on playing style, no necessarily production and value, if you don’t agree than go take a deep breath and Like, retweet, and share this blog, & tell your friends about AllSaintsConsidered.com. Be on the lookout for more comparisons for other positions coming soo