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Saints lose to the Raiders 34-24: 3 Pros and 3 Cons

After a great overall team effort in Week 1, the Saints absolutely laid an egg in a week 2 loss to the Las Vegas Raiders. Overall, it just looked like the Raiders wanted this game more and the Saints simply got outplayed. While it was very hard to have some positives we are this week’s pros and cons. 

Saints lose to the Raiders: 3 Pros

Alvin Kamara:

So far through 2 games running back Alvin Kamara looks like the old Kamara we all know and love. Not to mention he looked like the only offensive player who came to play on Monday night. He led the team in receiving yards, catches, and targets with 95, nine, and nine respectively and had 79 yards on the ground and two rushing touchdowns. Going forward without Michael Thomas will be tough, but I’m more than confident in Kamara carrying the load.

Demario Davis

Wanna talk about one of the best linebackers in the NFL? Go look at film from this last game and watch him cover Darren Waller 1-on-1. He simply was outstanding; he finished second in tackles with one for a loss and a pass breakup. 

Malcolm Roach

The undrafted rookie defensive tackle has been a pleasant surprise in this early season. He recorded four tackles with one of them for a loss. Through the first two games he’s had a nice role with the rotation of the defensive tackles and has made the most of his opportunities. 


Saints lose to the Raiders: 3 Cons  

Cam Jordan

There was one player that we didn’t see much of when we saw the Saints lose to the Raiders. Look, I thought Cam would have a field day against this Raiders line who was already down their top left tackle and starting and third-string right tackle. He was absolutely quiet as it is has been on Vegas strip. Five tackles and no pressures or hits at all

Malcom Jenkins

Again someone I didn’t think I’d ever put on this list. Jenkins got absolutely worked by Raiders tight end Darren Waller all night and Derek Carr made sure to pick on Jenkins when covering Waller or otherwise.

Drew Brees

Again someone I didn’t think- okay you know what you get the point. Drew played awful there is no question to that, but I will say it was just a very off game given no Michael Thomas, new receivers, and just a lack of chemistry and field work. All of that probably factored into Drew’s game. One thing I was pleased with was his arm strength (kinda) he actually had a couple nice throws. But the accuracy and decision-making were really off including the interception which was horrendous .

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