Saints Bye Week: NFC South Update

Coming off of our Week 5 high and heading into our Week 6 BYE, we can relax and take a look at how the other teams in OUR division are doing. We all know that we are sitting atop the NFC South, looking as good as ever on the offensive side of the ball. This is a fun-space so I want to try and avoid talking about the fact that we are struggling with DB depth after cutting 3 promising young players at the position. Instead, let’s talk about how Vonn Bell has been playing out of his mind recently, or how the Davenport pick is looking smarter and smarter every week. Plus, I think it’s safe to say we have the best 3 QBs in the NFC South. Anyway this article isn’t about us, it’s about the teams that we like to forget about on a weekly basis, I JUST found out that there’s an NFL team in Atlanta. How are they doing so far in the year 2018?

Carolina Panthers (3-1)

Week 6 Match-Up: @ The Team from Washington

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The team that is currently looking to give us the most trouble would be the Cats. Currently sitting at 3-1 they have a chance to meet us at 4-1 this week against the team from Washington, who are fresh off a bashing in New Orleans. Graham Gano is knocking down 63-yard game winners. LSU/DBU Alumni Donte ‘Action’ Jackson has racked up 3 picks in their 4 games. QB Cam Newton has had a fairly average season with a 85/130, 883 yds, 7 tds, 3 int statline. What I’ll be looking out for most is their newest signee Eric Reid, who I wanted the Saints to pick up very badly, and how he does for them.

Tampa Bay Bucs (2-2)

Week 6 Match-Up: @ Dirty Birds

It would appear that the Fitzmagic that took us down Week 1 has run thin. So with Jameis “Crab-leg Thief” “W-Finger Eater” “Uber Driver Groper” Winston back under center I really have no idea what to expect from this team. Their last game was so bad that Dirk Koetter, their head ball coach, called for his own firing. So while they did look impressive for a short while, don’t be super confident in that being indicative of how they’ll be the rest of this season. They have the weapons, but is Winston enough? Do they need to follow Koetter’s advice and fire him and everyone in the organization?

The team I haven’t talked about yet. (1-4)

Week 6 Match-Up: vs Milwaukee Bucks

This team is doing, not great to say the least. Matt Ryan is still putting up great stats as usual, Julio Jones still hasn’t scored a TD as usual, their offense overall has been pretty good as usual. But their injury riddled defense is playing miserably, allowing three more TDs than the next highest team in the NFL. They’ve lost Keanu Neal for the season, Deebo Jones is questionable to return this year, and the list goes on. Unless something crazy happens I don’t see them being a threat to be playing a home game on February 3rd.


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