Saints Brees past Bucs & Bills make statement in NFC Playoff Picture

Well when I wrote an article a few weeks ago predicting the Saints next 4 games, I certainly did not think the Saints would be 7-2 at this point. However the Packers had Aaron Rodgers and hey we sill had Adrian Peterson, a lot has transpired since week 4, and this Saints defense has wildly improved and exceed everyones exceptions and now ranked 8th in the NFL in total defense. Another huge surprise has been Sean Payton’s commitment to the new and improved running game between Mark Ingram and rookie star Alvin Kamera, Kamera essentially took away any playing time Adrian Peterson had and made him expendable. That being said trading Peterson away was best for both New Orleans and Peterson. Overall this rookie class has made an immediate impact on the Saints with Marshon Lattimore, Alvin Kamera, Marcus Williams, and Ryan Ramczyk have all contributed to this 7 game winning streak. After easily

Defeating the Buccaneers 30-13 the Saints put up 47 points and Drew Brees did not throw a single touchdown pass. The Saints set a franchise record 6 rushing touchdowns and rushed for 298 yards against a good Bills defense and made huge statement to the rest of the NFC… The Saints are for real and are going to make a deep playoff run with this new defense an improved running game and they still have Drew Brees in their back pocket.