Saints Are So Good It Makes Us Nervous

The Saints played a near perfect game in dismantling a decent Bengal team 51-14 in Cincinnati. Most services have New Orleans number one in the power rankings and Drew Brees as the leader in the MVP race. Mike Thomas and Alvin Kamara are so good the Canton sculptor is getting the bronze busts ready early. Is anyone else nervous about the fact that everything is going right thus early in the season? It’s better to be lucky than good but this team is lucky and good.

I’m a middle aged Saints fans I remember 1-15 in 1980 and being the first win for the expansion Tampa Bay Buccaneers after 26 consecutive losses. The dome patrol teams gave us something to brag about but the Payton-Brees era gave us something more than that, they gave us arrogance. We expect our team to win every Sunday and this season they usually do. Are they peaking too early? Possibly, but with the upcoming schedule I don’t see New Orleans going 15-1. If you do and you are reading this, keep it to yourself!

This team is on a roll, no doubt, but 2 wins were given to the Saints by the football Gods. I mean Tucker missed a point after. The Gods are a fickle bunch and take as much as they give, but if you remember the Minnesota Miracle, and we all do, the Saints have accrued some good fortune for a long while. All Who Dat Nation needs to scuttle all this Super Bowl talk, it is a jinx, even the best teams need some luck to win a Lombardi. Millennial’s don’t have the full range of emotions older fans have, 7-9 is their 2-12. Yes young people, they only played 14 games for a long time. The point is don’t brag too much or too loud the football universe will humble any and all who take success for granted and think it is somehow already over. It is never over until the final whistle.