Saints 2017 Season Prediction

We started the right way in camp, you know, in Metairie where you have to chew the air before you breathe. As the year starts for real at Minnesota on Monday night football. I see a close win there as Adrian and Ingram run all over the Vikings. The following week they take on the defending champions New England. This one has shootout written all over it but the Saints fall short. Then the Panthers in Carolina a field goal game the Saints lose. In London versus Miami, Cutler throws a late pick 6 and Saints win 27-20. That’s a 2-2 start, which is pretty decent considering recent starts.

The second quarter starts with Detroit and the highest paid QB throws 2 ints while the younger, more aggressive defense sacks Stafford three times. Saints win, but follow up with a loss in Lambeau in a classic QB matchup. The next 2 are home games against the Bears and Bucs, here is where the Saints make some headway. So halfway through New Orleans sits 5-3 and a legitimate look at the playoffs.

A tough loss in Buffalo is followed by a home win versus Washington in another high scoring affair. A hard fought victory in Los Angeles is attained by a last second Lutz field goal. Cam and Carolina get victimized by AJ Klein who has 6 tackles, a sack, and a forced fumble. Saints now at 8-4 now, barring any catastrophic stuff are looking for postseason seedings perhaps.

On December 7, the Falcons have their version on Pearl Harbor, and special teams give the Dome men win number 9. Then we have the Jets, C’MON MAN! The Falcons even the score in Atlanta and we finish in Tampa with a close loss.10-6 and a wildcard with a potential division championship. I know it’s very optimistic, but I feel this team can do something special. Think of the Giants that were 9-7 got hot, and won it all. Either way buckle up our season starts Monday night in Minnesota.