Robot AI Predicts the Saints 2019/20 Season

So, a new off-season trend has been going around the sports subreddits for about a week now, so I figured I’d make one specially for the New Orleans Saints 2019-2020 campaign. Basically, you feed a sentence or two into this AI text-bot and it finishes the paragraph or makes a couple more for its own. To give an example:

(what I say is in bold and everything else is the bot)

My name is Dylan Sanders and I write for All Saints Considered and Whole Nine Sports.

I also host a podcast for New Orleans Saints fan radio Station 91.5. Listen to the audio of my interview on this show here. My thoughts on some of the Saints season highlights and some of the storylines surrounding each game on this website.
In my “Why Was The Saints Super Bowl Champ Only Four Months Ago?” post, I talked about my thoughts on the 2014 season. I also went into some detail with my opinion on what we should expect once the season began. In that post, I said that although I loved the Saints last season, I felt like those wins were not enough to secure the franchise’s first Super Bowl title.
I really believe that if we had not been 2-0 during those six weeks and the Saints were the 2nd favorite, then the Super Bowl run could’ve been different and could’ve ended right there. It’s very hard to describe the feeling you get when you see an 8-point lead against a 10-point lead, or a 10-point lead against a 16-point lead.


Obviously, that is all incorrect, but I thought it would be fun to Interview it and see what it had to say about the upcoming Saints season.

How do you think the Saints season will go?
There is no doubt. They’ve got good young talent. You’re always hoping for that.

“It’s been said many times before, [the Saints are] the best team in the NFL that doesn’t win anymore. Their first win was over the Washington Redskins last year. That’s a long year. With all that winning, I don’t think you’ve really seen them have the potential to win this year. It would be nice, as well, to be the first team to win four out of five games, so there is that as well. Then it’s just a matter of them putting it all together. If I’m telling you not to bet on them in the Super Bowl and then you’re like, ‘We’ll win because of that?’ I’d say that’s not a good day for that. They’ve gone on all-time losing streaks and that doesn’t help anything.”

That’s one way one might judge him. But that’s another guy, in the NFL, who would say, “Hey, you know what? We’re going down in history. This is the guy.” It’s not always that way. You’ve got to get used to it and embrace the changes. That’s the biggest thing.

Who will be the best play on the Saints roster this year?

I think the best player for the Saints this year will be the play of Devery Henderson as he takes his first steps into the NFL.” Henderson (6-0 265) is coming off a torn ACL in 2010, after which he spent nine years as an unrestricted free agent with the Jets. But just like Brees, he’ll need to figure out how to make his running game productive. Last year, Henderson led the NFL with 11.5 yards per carry — a number so high, most thought it should be his. Henderson is in his second season as a pro, but he also played in just five games as a rookie (he started nine in 2012) and seven as an emergency last year, with a combined three carries for 14 yards.

Predictably, Henderson has drawn skepticism as much as praise from the critics who mock him as more of a fantasy star than a viable regular. The latest ESPN Insider wrote that Henderson “can thrive as an RB2 streamer only if the Saints have an elite rusher behind him.”

Henderson ran for 1,735 yards in 11 games for the Saints last season

This is a highly-contested topic, who will finish the season with the second most receiving yards on the team?

The second leading receiver on the New Orleans Saints this year will be Danny Amendola, the rookie quarterback with the most upside of any player with 20,000 receiving yards over the last three years. The Saints also have a ton of cap room and another top rookie running back on their roster, Devonta Freeman, who could start the season on the practice squad. There is also some value on the undrafted rookie that I’m not as excited about as Amendola but I think he is more likely to do than the player listed above due to the fact the Saints do not have as many undrafted rookies on their roster. With that said, one of the most disappointing receivers last season was Kenny Stills with the Dolphins. I have no doubt his ability as a receiver is there, but he has really only been on tape and that’s all we can really know for sure.
In the passing attack, I see Jimmy Graham finishing his rookie year as the starting fullback for the Saints and with some of the receiving success in the league there isn’t too much need to get another fullback into the mix. I expect Tony Gonzalez to be in camp again this upcoming season and a starting job there would be interesting. If all else fails, I would be surprised if Brees starts a few games with Jimmy Graham at fullback, perhaps not for too long, but for some games I don’t foresee the Saints keeping Brees around at fullback.

In the same vein, who will win the battle for the 3rd running back on the roster?


I’m sure it won’t really come down to a draft choice because it is going to be an interesting race between Alvin Kamara and Justin Forsett.”

Forsett, who has never appeared in the Pro Bowl because he was arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), had his best season in 2013 with 1,029 rushing yards and six touchdowns along with 21 receptions for 193 yards and a touchdown. Forsett is the NFL’s leading rusher with 1,983 yards and 8 touchdowns.

This is the best year for a rookie running back at the position in years. With running back Devonta Freeman now signed until 2020, it’s not difficult to see the Saints looking for a weapon as a rookie if they lose Brees for some reason. He signed for $36 million which was less in salary than Forsett.

The Saints have not been the same at the position since the 2012 season. They have had six different starters at running back as Brees has been ruled out for the season.

It’s not unheard of that teams pick young back-ups, but for the St. Louis Rams, the pick was a different situation when they selected Samaje Perine third overall in the 2017 draft.

The Saints didn’t have a first round pick this year because of the trade for Marcus Davenport, how do you think he does this season?

I think he will break the sack record with 10.5, one shy of Eric Dickerson of the Atlanta Falcons.

Of course what you get for your $10 is, the Saints may have to go through all three of you this season. And not one of them was healthy enough, as we saw against the Panthers last week.

The biggest difference between this year’s Saints and last year’s Saints is their defensive line. In 2014 the Saints line was a great unit of three linebackers, three defensive ends, three inside linebackers and one cornerback. Last year they had a lot of different parts in the group, including the three linebackers, five defensive linemen, two defensive ends, one defensive end, two inside linebackers and one corner.
The defensive line will again be huge for the Saints offense next season. They’ll be able to use all four defensive lines with Darryl “Big Mike” Thomas, Akiem Hicks, Dannell Ellerbe and Ryan Shazier all playing at the same time.

So if this is one of the three guys you put on the field for, don’t be surprised when three or four of the Saints linebackers take a hit and it makes the game much easier.


It’s kind of early, but who do you think they should focus on drafting in 2020? Just for a fun prediction.

Patrick Mahomes. New Orleans already has an offensive line that is going to be a strength moving forward with first round pick Leonard Floyd, first rounders Takkarist McKinley and Gareon Conley and second rounder Zach Strief. However, Mahomes may find an opportunity at the QB position after missing all of 2012 recovering from ACL injuries.

Mahomes struggled with inconsistency in college before he was drafted, missing six games with an injury in 2012 before bouncing back with a stellar 2015 campaign. He threw for 13,918 yards in 2014, leading the Oklahoma defense to a BCS bowl appearance and playing in Super Bowl LI against the New England Patriots.

Mahomes was drafted by the Texans with the 20th pick but did not sign until the second round as they wanted to wait until the third round to get rid of another first round bust like Matt Barkley and then pick up the option on Mahomes after the season.

With the pick of Patrick Mahomes, the Saints may not need to rush a draft pick if they are looking for someone just like Patrick Mahomes before they decide if they should take this year’s first round pick or not.

Just for fun, how do you think that team from Atlanta will do this year?
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(no lie the only time it broke like this was when I asked it about the Falcons)

So once again, I just wanted to thank the language model GPT-2 from talktotransformer.com for coming out and giving us a new perspective on the saints upcoming season.