Reggie Bush meant so much more than any Touchdown

Reggie Bush celebrates the Saints 31-17 victory over the Colts in Super Bowl XLIV

The year was 2006 the New Orleans Saints just hired some Cowboys assistant named Sean Payton and signed quarterback Drew Brees which nobody knew how healthy his shoulder really was, oh and I didnt’t even mention that Hurricane Katerina had just destoryed the city of New Orleans and the entire gulf region. Going into the 2006 NFL Draft prospects like Vince Young, Matt Lineart, and Mario Williams were the talk of the draft, however one name stood atop USC’s running back Reggie Bush who just won the Heisman trophy and was almost a sure bet to become the number 1 overall pick. I did say almost as the Houston Texans had the first pick in the draft and everyone assumed it was going to be Bush or the hometown kid Texas quarterback Vince Young. On the night before the draft the Texans pulled a move nobody saw coming, the Houston Texans called North Carolina State defensive end Mario Williams and told him he was going to be the 1st overall pick in the draft. That left Reggie Bush on the board still and the New Orleans Saints on the clock still. They made arguably the most impact draft pick since Archie Manning, for Bush gave something saint fans and people of the gulf region needed and something they didn’t have for a long time… Hope.

When the Saints made all these moves after Hurricane Katrina hiring Payton, signing players like Brees and Fujita, and drafting that remarkable draft class were all key parts to that amazing turnaround in 2006 from 3-13 in 2005 to 10-6 in 2006 and winning the division, winning a playoff game, and advancing all the way to the NFC championship game. Bush finished his rookie season with 1,307 total yards and 11 TDs. Bush was a key piece during the 2009 Super Bowl run finishing with 8 total TDs and catching the game tying touchdown in the NFC championship game against the Vikings

Overall Reggie helped spark a run no Saints fan could ever imagine, and while I know he wasn’t the next Barry Sanders or Walter Payton like we hoped. Reggie Bush gave us hope, happiness, excitement, and so many good memories in the dome and I still to this day can see the #25 jerseys and hear fans chant ” Reggie, Reggie, Reggie”. So I guess my final note is this from all of us here at AllSaintsConsidered and all the WhoDat fans out there thank you Mr. Bush for givings us hope and making every game you played in a must watch event and most importantly for always being a Saint.