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QB Spy: Preseason Week 2 Review

Sunday’s game against the Chargers definitely had a regular season feel. From the time to the weather to the end result, Saints fans got the early blood pressure rising. The team came away with a 19-17 victory in Carson in come from behind fashion. Ultimately, it was a tale of two halves from a quarterback perspective. Here is what we saw from Bridgewater and Hill:

Bridgewater got the start which was kind of a surprise. Most thought they would have switch roles from last week. Needless to say, he did not have a great day. He had several three and outs, only was able to lead the team to 3 points and made several throws behind his targets. Not to mention, there were two turnovers with one coming in the red zone. To make matters worse, three of the five drives started inside Chargers’ territory. It was later revealed that Bridgewater was playing with an illness and Sean Payton admitted he should have came out sooner. In turn, Bridgewater himself said it was no excuse and knew he could have done better. Everybody has a bad game, even in the preseason.

Hill, on the other hand, had a field day. He was able to lead the team in passing and rushing yards. This time around, Hill was a lot more calmer in the pocket and spread the ball to at least seven different targets in the second half. It was kind of like last year when he played solid against the Jaguars and then had a horrible game the next week against the Cardinals. His mobility is a strong asset and that’s what makes him dangerous knowing he can extend the play or flat out run with the ball. His determination is what made the comeback even more enjoyable, especially knowing the defense did not give up any points.

Next week against the Jets, we should finally get to see Drew Brees play a few drives, a quarter at the most. From that point, it will be intriguing to see if Hill gets the nod afterwards over Bridgewater. The biggest take from this game is that these two quarterbacks have specific traits that make them unique. Bridgewater is more of a leader while Hill has a lot more athleticism. Ultimately, if we could put them both together, we would have our next quarterback of the future. Until then, we will have to keep playing the waiting game.


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