Put Some Respect On His Name: Brees For MVP

What more can you say about Drew Brees? He has definitely made a name for himself since joining the Saints in 2006. But what you have to consider is how far he has come from what was almost a career ending injury. In his last game with the then San Diego Chargers, Brees had a complete dislocation of his throwing shoulder while trying to recover a loose ball. This injury also included a complete tear of his labrum and half of his rotator cuff. Doctors said it was a 1-in-500 type of injury and was given only a 25 percent chance of ever playing again. We can thank the Miami Dolphins for passing on him and going with Daunte Culpepper instead after their doctors would not clear him to play.

Now in his 13th season with the franchise, Drew Brees continues to get better with age, like a fine red wine. He has put up numbers that you would probably only see in Madden. However, this man has never been given the proper recognition he rightfully deserves. The media heads are always about Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, praising them every chance they get. They will always shine on Brady and his playoff career and how many rings he has. They will talk about Rodgers with his ability to make amazing plays and spectacular comebacks. Even this year, Brees has been given a backseat in MVP talks to the likes of Patrick Mahomes and Todd Gurley. Don’t get me wrong, these players have put up some big numbers this season, but Brees is having a record breaking season that needs to be given its due.

With only five games remaining, Drew is on pace to break the single season records for passer rating (127.3 currently), completion percentage (76.4 currently) and possibly the touchdown to interception ratio. Although these stats are amazing as always, there is more to Drew Brees than that. To me, he has been the MVP of this team since day one. A team that was devastated by Hurricane Katrina, a city that was looking to be reborn and a player looking to restart his career that was almost over before it really started. Sounds the perfect plot for a blockbuster movie but this is the real deal. Brees has been meant a lot to the city of New Orleans and we have embraced him in the same way. That is what makes him just like one of us. You are more than likely to run into him shopping at Target or just walking down the street on a Saturday afternoon in the off-season.


The truth is Drew Brees should have multiple MVP awards at this point in his career. However, when it comes to that award, the media will always look at a team’s record before considering the stats, hence why Brady, Rodgers, even Matt Ryan and Cam Newton have won in previous years. This year, not only is he putting up the numbers, his team is putting up the wins to go with them. And while we are at it, I will tell you why Brees deserves to be in the GOAT conversation as well.

Drew Brees Highlight Stats:

12 straight 4,000+ yard seasons (on pace for 13)

5 5000+ yard seasons (most all-time and could have been 7)

2nd all time passing touchdowns (517)

1st all time passing Yards (73,580)

3rd in career passer rating (97.9)

1st in career completions (6,494)

Completions in a season (471)

2nd all time in attempts (9,650)

1st in passing yards/game (283)


1st in career completion percentage (67.3)

1st in completions/game (25)

3rd in game winning drives (45)

5th in comebacks (31)

The list goes on forever and if you look more into it, you will see his name pop up even more. You can talk about Brady’s rings and Rodgers’ heroics all you want but I do not want to hear it anymore. Brees has earned the right to be in this conversation and the media darlings can cry all the way to the bank. I have stated my case and I will debate anyone else until I am blue in the face to defend my points. It is about time that everyone put some respect on the name of Drew Brees!