Puncher’s Chance

Here they are back in the playoffs with one of three Super Bowl winning head coach quarterback combinations. The Saints, despite losing to Tampa Bay, won the NFC South division and next host Carolina in the original Mercedes Benz Superdome. Since 1990 teams playing a team they beat the previous two times are 11 – 5 which bodes well for New Orleans. The offense lately has not been playing at the level they have been used too and there are several reasons. One big problem is receivers are not separating from defenders, besides Mike Thomas and Alvin Kamara nobody is open. They don’t have a tight end to control the middle of the field or hit those deadly seam routes. Willie Snead has been non existent and Coleman has recently made mental mistakes and ball control errors. Ginn Jr has been adequate when available but still has occasional drops. I predicted 10 – 6 this year and was happily proved wrong (sort of).

The Saints have much to clean up but with the Payton/Brees brain trust I feel confident they will implement a solid gameplan versus the Panthers. Some things that happened yesterday, Brees took the completion percentage record back at 72%, Ingram and Kamara both had 1500 yards combined, Thomas went over 100 catches just to name a few milestones. If the Saints win they would probably go to Philadelphia, the last (and only) road playoff win. The bottom line is every team in the tournament is capable of winning it all. These young Saints led by Drew on offense and Cam on defense and a fearless play calling championship coach can do damage.

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