Philly Is Not So Special This Season But Still Dangerous

The defending Super bowl champions visit the Superdome Sunday in what many consider a must-win for Philadelphia. The Eagles are 4-5 and the biggest post-Super Bowl road underdogs since 2009. The Saints are clicking on all cylinders but the Eagles are do or die at this point. New Orleans needs to win to keep pace with the Rams for the number one seed in the NFC.

Lane Johnson will play at left tackle after missing last Sunday’s game against Dallas, while at the same time, Terron Armstead will miss several weeks for the Saints. Carson Wentz has played well with a 15-3 ratio and a 71% completion rate, but last year he was at an MVP level, this season Drew Brees is the one in that conversation. Zach Ertz is one of the best tight ends in the league and a real red zone weapon and recently acquired receiver Golden Tate gives the Eagles another legitimate threat.

This Eagles team has not been as sharp as last years, as they are second worst in the league with 9 fumbles. On offense they lead the NFL in 3rd down drop rate % at 9.6, that is not something you want to lead the league in. Saints fans, before you beat your chest too much, New Orleans isn’t much better at third in the NFL and a 6.8% 3rd down drop rate. The Eagles are scoring 22 points a game but 25.5 on the road, the Saints, in the other hand, lead pro football at almost 37 points a contest.

The Eagles have been decimated in the defensive backfield and that does not bode well for them. The Eagles are a minus six in turnover differential and the Saints are at a plus 2. All of this information and trends point to the same conclusion, a shootout at high noon. Yes I know it is inside the dome, you can’t see the sun, stop being a wise guy/gal. Speaking of wise guys, Vegas put a total of 56.5 on this game and made the Saints a big favorite but now is down to 7.5. I think the total is low personally and will probably go to the casino down the street and take the over. I think the Saints just have too much for the Eagles, but you have to knock the champs out, they do. Saints win 37-30.