NFL Draft Wide Receiver Breakdown 2018

Scout Without Clout rankins + order based on Valye, Game Tape, and Saints Fit… not the order in which they’ll be picked. Projected Grades show order where picked.

*Michael Gallup

Quiet storm, the dark horse in the class, plays like toughest s.o.b. on field

His game is built more for the pros than college


Will be able to contribute immediately, more so than rest of class

Looks like a number 1 receiver and potential pro bowl chain mover

Finding a pro comp is tough because what average sized players play tougher than their build? Hines Ward, Jarvis Landry, Anquan Boldin. He may not be quite on that level, but he’s cut from that same cloth

1st impression he reminded me of Michael Thomas, but he’s not as big (on paper)

Strong with visible power and well balance frame

Not a burner or elite athlete, but enough juice to juke and move for 1,000

Best part of game is ability to adjust to bad throws on intermediate level, re-track and power snatch

Even displays some deep adjustments that are surprising

Potential intermediate nightmare from slot and outside

Tape is super, lots of mean YAC, dominant cocky body language

Plays like he knows he’s a beast, fearless over the middle, very physical


With Gallup you at a bare minimum get confidence, attitude and toughness

Michael Gallup is a name that has been way too quiet during the pre-draft season.

He may creep into the 1st round and “surprise” some people, but I’d bet a lot of teams have him raded as top WR in class. For scheme and team versatility and universal fit, I’d say him and Ridley are clear cut 1st 2 WR’s off the board, even though that may not be my preference or Saints rank. He would fit perfectly with New England at 31st pick, and likely goes between pick 31 and 55.

Our Grade: 1st rd

Projected: 2nd rd

Pro Comp: Hakeem Nicks

*DJ Moore (Maryland)

Checks every box but size, although is thick enough to play with some power

Built a little like a running back and breaks tackles better than most receivers

Flashes game reminiscent to Steve Smith, in style, versatility, athleticism


Seems a step above the rest of the class in well rounded ability and game change day 1 potential

Natural hands, plucks ball away from body with ease

Yards after catch monster with best agility in class

His game is really similar to Golden Tate

Tougher than size would indicate and makes fantastic catches in traffic

Works sidelines well, toe taps comfortably

Separates from defenders too easily, want to see at pro level with blanket coverage

DJ Moore is a highlight reel in more than one way, specifically YAC and intermediate/deep threshold, which is actually a rare combination. Usually guys are one or the other, one role. Moore is a hybrid player which is what makes him so interesting. Much like Ty Montgomery in Green Bay, you could probably move Moore around the field comfortably. Teams probably view that versatility as an offensive game changer. I think the perfect team for him is a place like Jacksonville where he could act as safety valve for a young but not elite QB, and also bring an element of dynamite to maybe a run 1st offense.

One of the more interesting prospects in years, grade could range from top 20 to 3rd rd depending on scheme and team. He is to receivers like Alvin Kamara was to running backs; he doesn’t really fit neatly into a box. But, that provides a high floor like Tavon Austin or Percy Harvin type style and production with a Santana Moss or Pierre Garcon type ceiling. Biggest concern is he did not excel against top competition, disappeared against ohio state and nfl caliber DBs. Not good for his stock.

Our Grade: 1st rd

Projected: 2nd rd

Pro Comp: Golden Tate

Calvin Ridley (Alabama)

Fantastic feet, separates so easily on routes, versatile route tree, natural football player

Catches and moves with ease, hand and feet combo are special, born to play football

Great route running and attention to detail

Will specialize in short to intermediate game, capable to catch some deep

Best at catching short passes and making people miss; next best is intermediate on the outside

Great toe tap and sideline work, YAC on savvy more than speed

Not super strong, more of a speed player, not a big body, looks smaller than official list

Stylistically, not going to get above the rim a lot or out muscle people in traffic although shows flashes

Most people have him top 10/top 15 in mock drafts. People compare Ridley to Marvin Harrison, but that’s too strong for me. I never watched and thought this guy’s 1st round material, at least not like his Alabama pedigree predecessors Amari Cooper and Julio Jones. Maybe it’s because he doesn’t jump off of the screen with any one skill. However, he’s an all around steady player and a #2 possession receiver in the right offense could be producer. I see limitations instead of a dominant number 1. I see ceiling similar to Brandin Cooks, where you know his skill set and limitations, but strengths are good enough to make a difference. But, I’m not sure I see the same wow factor other people do. Any WR picked top 25 should be franchise changer, and I never thought that while watching Ridley. More than any other receiver in the class, his team fit is critical. Mike McCarthy in Green Bay would be ideal, John Gruden in Oakland, Kyle Shannahan in San Fran, Andy Reid in KC. I don’t see him as the type to go to a bad team and culture shift like pundits would have you believe. I see him more like a more refined Kenny Stills. Not as sure of a thing as people say. I could see him falling as late as 24 to Carolina.

Our Grade: 2nd rd

Projected: 1st rd

Pro Comp: Keelan Cole

Courtland Sutton

Noticeably big and naturally powerful; there’s one play where he runs a dude over like a mac truck, like I’d only seen a wide receiver do once and it was Marques Colston

Can catch with people draped on him, functional strength is unique

Not super fast or explosive, but surprisingly separates from defenders but can it happen at pro level?

Shifty, shakes better than size would make you think

Could be Allen Robinson, could be LaQuon Tredwell – highest risk reward player at WR in class

Probably the best highlight reel out of any player at WR in class, but leaves a lot to be desired

Does he have speed to separate at pro level? Does it matter when he can catch in traffic like a monster?

Shows flashes of enough athleticism to be big time and built like a monster but he’s a project player

May be developmental player picked on potential, take time to adjust
How and why was he out produced by Trey Quinn? That is not good. At all. Like what the fuck.

Doesn’t have explosion, but overall strength and size and speed combination shows flashes of potential dominance with tracking and strong hands. Low floor, high ceiling prototype. He’s Stephen Hill as much as he is Terrell Owens. Either way Courtland Sutton is going to piss a lot of people off. I lean towards taking a chance on him but not early. Alshon Jeffrey fell to pick 45 and we should expect about the same from Sutton unless a team like Dallas thinks he’s the next T.O. in mid 1st.

Our Grade: 2nd Round

Projected: 1st Round

Pro Comp: Brian Quick

Christian Kirk (Texas A&M)

Should send OBJ rookie check because similar appearance and style will push him up draft boards

Lots pre-draft hype and talk about 1st round, upon closer observation could and should fall into 2nd

Hard to endorse as 1st rounder like most receivers in class

Has speed to take it to the house, plays in slot, can catch deep although not specialty at next level

Teams will value versatility in slot but what is his role on pro level? Hard to see where and how he fits. I’ve grown from envisioning him as early as 11th pick to Miami to picturing him in 3rd round.

Why such a drastic fall? Hard to explain, but something lacking athletically (or unconventional at the least) like a lack of athletic comfort and lack of lateral movement/balance at top speed. Too many tough catches not made, he makes easy catches but not many tough. But, right team that gets him open slot looks could make him pro bowler. So, he’s going to polarize draft rooms in NFL big time

Whatever team that gets him better have a very specific vision and slot role for him

Kick returned touchdowns, showcases long stride and natural deep speed, although more deep speed than every play functional speed; faster in 50 yards than 5 yards, better with momentum built

Separates on short passes but too often tackled from behind, sporadic explosion

To dominate at his size, I’d expect phone booth speed, zero to hundred prerequisite, but not there

Agility is great however, and his strong hands make his grade a challenge, but I worry about lack of catch radius and lack of dynamic movement. Hand strength is closer to a big possession WR than a small slot WR and he did dominated SEC as true freshman without great QB play, but there’s something missing.
Widest grade WR in a super wide grade WR class

Built strong enough to cross over the middle although doesn’t appear built to last and may take hits

One of the hardest players to project to next level. Is his deep speed going to be used on the outside, or is he a savvy strong handed slot type only with juke juice? Didn’t have great QB yet still dominated for 3 years, so maybe he improves with better QB

Wider range of outcomes than usual players. Kirk has a Tre McBride floor and a Randall Cobb ceiling. Overall, I just wish for more and worry about more than first impressions which may be deceiving. Indianapolis at 37 is around where I expect him picked.

Our Grade: 2nd rd

Projected: 1st rd

Pro Comp: Josh Reed

Anthony Miller (Memphis)

Incredible body control, can contort his body anyway between bodies to get to the ball

Looks like a pro bowler but it’s against teams like UCONN so hard to know how he’ll translate

Works all 3 levels: short, intermediate, deep

Lacks size and build

Older than most dominant pros, but hard to bet against a guy like this

Makes really hard catches look easy, and does it often

Anthony Miller jumps off the screen

He’s not big or athletically special, but he seems special

Our Grade: 2nd rd

Projected: 2nd rd

Pro Comp: John Brown

DJ Chark (LSU)

At times you wonder how he is not the top rated receiver

Earned Danny Etling a combine invite

Does everything well, just did not have chance to do it often

Highpoints, out muscles, out runs, catches long, catches short, catches short and takes it long, tracks beautifully, gets yac, plays tough, catches in traffic

Only limitation was offense, surrounding cast and system

Role player, more of number 2 receiver that can punt return, play on the outside and stretch the field

Faster than you think but plays more than just speed guy

Really fights in traffic, tougher than people think

Sleeper in the class because of offensive system he’s coming from at LSU which was underwhelming

Sort of a walking highlight reel

Limited strength probably won’t work middle of the field with grit catches

More of a deep guy than a chain mover

It wouldn’t surprise me to see him go as high as 26 to the falcons, but he could go 58 to the falcons as well. Overall, I expect Chark to go to a strong armed inaccurate QB as a bailout option (Dak Prescott, Cam Newton) or a field stretcher for a team like Lions, Redskins or 49ers to open up offense.

Our Grade: 2nd rd

Projected: 2nd rd

Pro Comp: Mike Wallace

*Tre’Quan Smith (Central Florida)

UCF went from 0-12 to 12-0. I’d argue the majority of it was Mike Hughes and Shaquille Griffin, but you can’t sleep on what guys like Tre’Quan Smith did.

Shows these flashes where he could be a dominant pro but lacks burst and agility you hope for. Don’t get me wrong though, he is a pro athlete. He’s 6’2 210 and has awesome straight-line speed for his size.

He can catch super high degree difficulty catches with toughness and strength for his size

Sometimes the league sleeps on guys like this, similar to Josh Gordon going in the 7th round

It’s worth noting Smith and Josh Gordon are similar in role and style and size plus straight line speed combo. Could be a sleeper or draft board climber. I’m not sure why we have not heard more about him. I’d bet he’s highly graded on most teams boards.

I really love how he sells his routes on run plays. When you watch a run play, he’s still selling it 100% on his route like it’s a pass; that’s what winners do.

Would fit in with the Patriots perfectly. I really like his versatility, he’s one of the most dynamite and dynamic receivers in the draft, and honestly it’s amazing we have not heard his name more in the pre-draft process. As a prospect he’s like a baby step below Corey Davis who went top 10 last year. I think Tre’Quan Smith is a lock to go top 2 rounds, which is nuts considering pre-draft I’ve barely heard his name. He made dominant catches, even against tough competition like Auburn and really looks like a pro athlete. Intensity is incredible and there’s not much to dislike with Tre’Quan Smith. If he’s there in the 3rd round, I think the Saints have to take a close look and his tape challenges the idea of taking a 1st round receiver this year.

Our Grade: 1st rd

Projected: 2nd rd

Pro Comp: Adam Thielen

*Keke Coutee

Shifty small receiver who catches bombs with natural deep speed. He takes some hits and doesn’t always operate through traffic as well as I’d like concerning yac. But, he’s shifty, there are just time I want to see better vision and tackle breaking.

Looks fast enough to play pro, he plays fast and catches well. Actually Coutee is the type of WR where the game is going. It’d be nuts to see him go to the Chiefs so he’d reunite with Mahomes, and would be aside two other deep threats in Watkins and Hill. He is scheme and team diverse though and although he may not be the next Antonio Brown, he is definitely in that mold or style of player. He’s not a one dimensional small guy like a lot of others.

He’s not big and you want to see more from route tree because not enough over the middle gritty catches but at his size, maybe it’s smart to use him as a guy you get 10 short passes too and let him try to shake magic hit him deep for 11. I mean, there is versatility to Coutee’s game and the only reason I want to downgrade the grade or demote him is his size which those are the kind of guys that provide the most value. He’s a natural. Ceiling: if you 5 years down the road said Keke Coutee became the next TY Hilton, it wouldn’t surprise me. Floor: Tommy Lee Lewis. Either way I see a contributor that could fit a lot of teams. He’ll probably creep up draft boards from 6th round where a lot project, more into 4th.

Not enough traffic or contested catches

May be more gadget player who catches bubble screens and bombs

Our Grade: 3rd rd

Projected: 3rd rd

Pro Comp: Travis Benjamin

*Allen Lazard (Iowa State)

Allen Lazard may end up being the best value pick at wide out in the draft.

Lines up outside or in the slot, built more like tight end that wide out, adjusts to ball and tracks fantastic

Natural soft hands, makes fantastic high difficulty catches, athletically in sync with his big frame and size

A very natural football player, not great feet like speed, but size and hands guy who fights with natural balance and poise even if he’s in a heap of bodies. He could be special over the middle.

Sleeper alert, big possession receiver to make tough catches, could be a double digit touchdown guy, could be a 1000 yard receiver

Dude makes best traffic catches you can make, a lot.

Problem teams will see is he doesn’t separate like smaller guys, and doesn’t have burner speed but I don’t think it matters if he can muscle catch like this, and his comfort level on the field is great

League has moved towards smaller receivers like AB and OBJ but players like this will always have a role and he;s one of my favorite receivers. You hope he’s not a Nick Toon type where he lacks the pro burst, but I’d take the chance on Lazard because he’s a natural, and he fights. He’ll be a fan favorite for sure. He makes high degree difficulty catches. Plays the way the position should be played where he acts like it’s his ball and doesn’t get distracted by pass interference or others, just goes for the rock.

Our Grade: 2nd rd

Projected: 3rd rd

Pro Comp: Keenan Allen

Marcel Ateman (Oklahoma State)

Big, lanky with strength, plays big and can attack high

Whoa. Makes some pro strength catches for sure.

Keeps play alive, hustles, tries to block

Can catch downfield, but not ideally coordinated

One of the best redzone fade routes and catches in draft

Will draw a lot of pass interferences. Needs to go to a team that knows how to use his skillset.

Seems like a 3rd down over the middle tough type who keeps the play alive. Reminds me a lot of Pete Carrol wr’s. He’d be a great fit in Seattle, or somewhere with a mobile QB. I like Ateman’s jailbreak attidude and he does fight, but he doesn’t have skill-set of pro bowl type. I worry about the catches he doesn’t make. Too many plays where you expect him to bring it in, and he just doesn’t. But to his credit, a lot of throws to him are low percentage high risk, contested, jump ball or Hail Mary type plays.

At times he looks like Vincent Jackson, other times he looks like Brandon Coleman. Big but not always bringing the ball in when it requires a certain poise/finesse. He’s more of a brute, strength type. Some of the super tough catches you expect, he’ll drop, but then a play later he makes catches that not many people can. With the right fit, he could be a strong 3rd down big possession receiver who can catch deep if you sleep. Could drop too many passes when sees pro speed. I do like athleticism, but like the 225 strength. His deep catch against Iowa State is really uniquely strong. Definitely could play a role for a good team.

Our Grade: 3rd rd

Projected: 3rd rd

Pro Comp: Jake Reed

*Jordan Lasley (UCLA)

Jordan Lasley is my favorite WR in this class considering where he’s likely to get drafted. He’s scheme and team versatile, shows flashes where he could dominate at the pro level, and a pure example of why the draft is such an inexact science. I see a player who can do it all, and it do it really well. He jumps off the screen as special and some project him as low as 5th round or 20th WR in draft. I could make argument he’s top 3 WR in class. Even though WR isn’t dire positional need for Saints, if this dude is hanging around in 3rd or 4th round, do not be surprised if we pull trigger on this troubled past polarizing prospect.

#1 what he does different is he dominates any level. Reminds me a lot of Joe Horn how he can get separation short, medium, deep and catch short, medium or deep. He’s not one dimensional. He’s multi faceted with a really natural nose for the ball. I think his floor is high and ceiling is super high. Only played 9 games, but had 1200 yards and was arguably the most dominant receiver in college football over that stretch. Plus, anytime a QB is being talked about 1st round, you have to look at his WRs to see if maybe the wrong one is being scouted. Similar to when Donovan Mcnabb and Marvin Harrison came out of college together and McNabb went before Harrison. Only after, did people say “oh the receiver made the qb, not vice versa.” Joe Montana and Steve Young had Jerry Rice sort of thing. So in context, Jordan Lasley makes Josh Rosen look better than vice versa despite the story you hear and despite Rosen going top 5 or 1st overall.

Lasley needs to work on pushing off of defenders and has to minimize awful concentration drops which were too many. Other than some drops though, really good things happen when the ball goes his direction. I didn’t see the stats but I noticed far more pass interference calls, holding calls, and catches than I did drops or miscues. Compare the tape to Christian Kirk on the other hand, and there’s tons of times where the ball goes his direction and it’s pro bowl level catchable, but ball hits dirt. It’s why I always hated Brandon Coleman type players and loved Michael Thomas or Willie Snead type players. We love to grade WRs based on height, speed, strength and all dream up Randy Moss and Terrell Owens types, and forget that the number one job is catching the ball, and TO led league in drops and even though ended up high on career yards list, never won the big dance. At end of day, guys that win are reliable. Weird comparison to make because Lasley had drops, but talent is there and those criticizing his drops are not giving credit for the tons of passes that went his way that 99% of players would fuck up or not be able to catch, and Lasley reels it in showing catch on stat sheet. So what make Jordan Lasley so intriguing is it’s not the plays that he doesn’t make that he should make, rather it’s the plays he shouldn’t make that he does make. It’s unique, and it’s consistent. Despite having a floor that means he’s out the league in two years, I think Jordan Lasley could be the steal of this draft depending where he falls. I would think some scout in the NFL has to see what I see and picks Lasley where he belongs in the 2nd round, but he’s been arrested and in trouble multiple times plus only has 9 games of production. I just think the NFL has changed so much that this is the type of player worth the risk. On the field he’s generally dialed in. I like that many times I saw him standing next to head coach during the game. I like him in interviews and think the trouble was minor college stuff. He’s from Compton and growing up in LA can probably handle spotlight better than most. Anytime you can get a potential 1,000 yard pro after round 2, it’s hard not to take notice or endorse.

Our Grade: 2nd rd

Projected: 3rd rd

Pro Comp: Joe Horn

Dante Pettis (Washington)

Plucks ball away from body well with a nice catch radius.

Safety valve #2 possession receiver with potential to be a #1

Lanky build, jumper, shifty, not a burner but somehow broke punt return record of like 8 touchdowns

Not super strong or tough but smart with body control, adjustment to deep ball vs Rutgers was special

Looks faster on punt return than while playing wr

Doesn’t appear to have elite athleticism while receiving but looks like he could be a steady pro

Fantastic hands, radius, wish he was faster but these are the kinds of guys that shock people.

Stylewise he reminds me of Willie Jackson or Ricky Prohel neither was huge players but they were consistently effective from the slot with smarts and stability

Smart player, best attribute may be awareness

Long beautiful stride, covers ground deceptively

Appears to lacks explosion but maybe its stride that confuses the eyes.

Great heart and natural hands, has good strength and run blocks.

There are catches he won’t make, like super tough outmuscle rip it away types…that’s not him. Pettis is your consummate 3rd down possession receiver, finesse, outstanding route running for height, but lacks super speed or super strength that you’d associate with a number 1 nfl wide out. His hands are so steady though, he could have a Brandon Llyod type ceiling.

Natural route runner

Our Grade: 3rd rd

Projected: 3rd rd

Pro Comp: Lance Moore

Deontay Burnett (USC)

Has really great hands and feet.

Built and looks just like Desean Jackson. Super thin, maybe 170 pounds

Consummate little guy overachiever, always diving for catches, want a guy like this on your team

Doesn’t double bob the ball on catches, once it hits hands, it’s his, like his hands

Looks like a pro, even catches better than his size would make you think on contested plays

Undersized jitter bug, with hands and toughness, most likely going to be a slot speed guy

Can he hold up? Started year very fast, but towards end of college season started to face. Makes you wonder if his thin body can’t hang with the physicality. How does that affect his game as a pro?

Ceiling is DeSean Jackson and floor is Taylor Gabriel. I like him and think he’s a good value pick because he plays bigger than his size, plus the NFL is getting less physical in secondary so smaller players are becoming more dominant than years past.

Our Grade: 2nd rd

Projected: 3rd rd

Pro Comp: Jalen Saunders

James Washington (Oklahoma State)

Natural deep ball receiver who catches bombs with ease

Led country with yards, lots deep passes

Surprisingly fast in the intermediate and will go over the middle

Built more like a running back, but maybe it’s his number 28 that deceives the eyes

Knack for timing, really special ability to have the ball fall over his shoulder, his timing is generally special

Tendency to catch with body more than pluck away from body, isn’t going to highpoint or outmuscle as his role on a team. He looks like a Desean Jackson type effective bomb threat even though he isn’t like deadly deep speed. It’s weird. Guy just can time it deep, sort of the way Larry Fitzgerald has been effective for forever without ever having super speed. It’s more timing

Gives up on routes; some plays break down and he just stands around instead of trying to create

Made Mason Rudolph look better than he is, Rudolph overthrows Washington a lot.

May be one dimensional deep threat and worry about translating against pro corners when it comes to short and intermediate game. Is he a one dimensional player at next level, like a role player that catches bombs, or can he develop more? Its tough to say because there are times he goes over the middle showing that versatility, but its not often. He appears natural at it, but just seems like a bomb threat thus far. Then again if he led the country, maybe the team was smart to go for it in big chunks instead of unneeded short passes. I don’t think he has the versatility to be a true dominant number 1 wide out. I see a bomb threat that does it on savvy and timing.

Our Grade: 3rd rd

Projected: 3rd rd

Pro Comp: Keith Poole

Jaleel Scott (New Mexico State)

Moves extremely fluidly for 6 foot 6; surprisingly explosive and moves naturally.

Highlight reel potential for sure. Dude is huge and can move well

Tall, lanky build with most massive catch radius

More explosive than people his size usually are, and his ball skills are surprisingly nice

Players like this make scouting running backs and wide receivers almost impossible because if you can get players this big and this fast with hands this refined in later rounds it makes it hard to justify picking a wide receiver in the 1st round.

Now he is not a perfect prospect by any means. His problem like many big guys is instead of attacking ball, he sometimes lets it come to him. Needs to drive towards ball and attack and could have some interceptions when ball heads his way. If he learns to drive on ball, he could be steal…one of these “how did the 6 foot 6 freak fall in the draft?”

Footwork on sidelines is incredible. Drops some easy catches, needs to work on some fundamentals but upside is very high. He could be an important #2 or #3 WR on a good team. Versatile, bombs, intermediate, over middle, out the slot, on the outside, wherever and however.

Probably best as a #2 guy you put on the outside for intermediate window catches.

Problems are only 1 year of production and doesn’t bring in the % of catches you’d like, seems like someone with his talent should bring in 10% more of what came his way.

Our Grade: 3rd rd

Projected: 4th rd

Pro Comp: Devin Funchess

Dylan Cantrell (Texas Tech)

Could he be the sleeper in this year’d draft? There’s been other big white dudes that make crazy catches and don’t make the league: Mitch Matthews and Brandon Kaufman come to mind, but something might be different about Cantrell. He looks like he could be a pro contributor. He has a wide receiver #2 ceiling from just freak talent hands. He makes some insane hands catches that most people don’t. That can take you a long way in the NFL. I also think he’s more athletic than some of the other big white all hands WRs recently and may fall, but shock some people. This is type of player you look for when talking sleepers because of freak nature hands and deceptive agility and YAC potential. Could be a good 3rd down #3.

Our Grade: 4th rd

Projected: 6th rd

Pro Comp: Kenny Britt

Daurice Fountain (Nothern Iowa)

Fountain is a big guy that plays big. Against poor competition he looked like DeAndre Hopkins. Wore same number, similar size and style. At pro level, he looks like he can contribute on strength hands and ball skills. But super quiet, he’s not even on most people’s radars, but I think he fits the Saints well because he’s small school with great hands and versatile inside or out. One of the cooler sleeper option players. Turned some heads on offseason for sure. I like his hands a lot. I think he’s got a shot to shock some people.

Our Grade: 7th rd

Projected: undrafted

Pro Comp: Roger Lewis

Steve Ishmael (Syracuse)

He’s hard to grade because Amba Etta Tawo came out of cuse last year and had super dominant stats but didn’t even get any pro looks as a WR. That makes me worry because sometimes college system can really inflate a player’s stats. Ishmael is definitely not fast. He may even go undrafted for lacking athleticism but it could end up being an Allen Hurns type undraft because he’s tough, has timing, can high point, and uses his size since he doesn’t have speed. I see a player that uses hands and other skills to be effective and you can’t argue with his steady production. He made a lot of hard catches on the sideline. Eli Manning likes guys that work the sideline like this, I think Giants would be a good fit. Boy, its hard not to like Ishmael. He’s like the epitome of underdog. Nothing wows you about his athleticism, but he just makes lots of touch catches. Very similar to Willie Snead type attitude and game. May not look pretty, but the ball gets caught.

Our Grade: 5th rd

Projected: 7th rd

Pro Comp: Allen Hurns

DeSean Hamilton (Penn State)

Best pure route runner in draft with great poise and body control on intermediate routes, especially effective on jump balls or jumping into catches.

Even though his highlights are cool, there’s something about his game that doesn’t really jump off the screen, game in and game out. Part of it might be Penn State’s system, same way I used to feel watching Les Miles receivers. Is it him, or is it the team and system? Whoever answers that makes the big bucks right.

I think with Hamilton you get a guy that runs beautiful routes with ambitiously quick feet and may be best fit in slot instead of outside, unless its 3rd down and you’re putting it up for grabs on a jump ball especially on the right side of the field where he seems specifically comfortable.

Seems like the kind of guy that will make massive flash plays but I wonder if he’ll be a consistent a #1

I want to see more intensity, especially on pass blocking, and I want to see more production and tough over the middle production.

Is he able to be effective in multiple ways? Appears to be limited to downfield throws and fade routes in redzone, which those are important roles but I’m not sure if there’s anything elite about his size or speed. He did break Penn catch record though and his body control nice.

He’s got skills to be contributor pro, but he’s one of the more interesting guys because maybe pro game or good coaching allows us to see more from him.

Personality and off the field presence plus route running prowess means a team like Patriots or Saints or high pedigree high character preference team will “reach” for him.

Our Grade: 5th rd

Projected: 3rd rd

Pro Comp: Josh Bellamy

Deon Cain (Clemson)

Deep speed bomb guy who can highpoint

Excels on the outside, not so much over the middle

Failed drug tests, missed most important games

Not physical, Clemson receivers fantastic pedigree, contributed as a freshman so that’s worth noting but production lacking

Talent is not a question, but never broke 1000 yards, head is a problem

Catches away from body with strong hands

Catches bombs or bubble screens. Don’t see too much else on tape. Has speed to separate on both. He is the high risk type of player that has high bust potential because you’re drafting an athlete more than anything else

Our Grade: 5th rd

Projected: 3rd rd

Pro Comp: Josh Morgan

Antonio Callaway (Florida)

Super fast, blazing track speed, can make hands catches away from body with great extension even deep.

Lots of top notch quick awareness plays in traffic, like ability to steal an onside kick in traffic and take it to the house

character issues – accused sexual assault, credit card theft. never put up stats you’d like to see.

Small build, thin, not overly physical or strong, worry about how he’ll react to contact and nfl physicality and if he can break any tackles with strength.

Dangerous as punt returner and can catch better than people give credit for.

He’s a starting punt returner and #2 speed guy, looks like Ted Ginn Jr in every facet of the game.

Our Grade: 4th rd

Projected: 3rd rd

Pro Comp: Ted Ginn Jr.

Cedrick Wilson (Boise State)

Looks like Brandon Lafelle in the sense he could play pro, but won’t take next step as a pro becoming a number 1 dominant type. His agility is sort of lumbering, but he’s big. There’s a plain jane feel to the way he moves like he’s not naturally balanced or coordinated as you like, but he can take a short cross to the house and he’s got speed. Some quickness and burst but not necessarily laterally. Doesn’t make tough catches I’d like a bigger guy to make, but he makes lots of bubble screen short passes so they must like putting the ball in his hands. Production was outstanding for two years at Boise. He runs top heavy and hesitant once ball in hands. But his burst off of the line and burst after catch is nice. Willing to go over the middle, but is more of a speed player than strength and more deep than intermediate. May be best used as a downfield bomb threat who can catch short and get in the slot in a crunch. I think he’s best on the outside relegated to deep duty. Hence I’m giving him a Devery Henderson comp even though their size is so different, the straight line speed and skill sets are very similar. Also has really fantastic timing and ball skills. He’ll have a place in the pros with his timing alone which there are some special deep catches. Combine that with his over the middle fearlessness and you’ve got a really dynamic #2 or #3 option. He can definitely help a team and is a unique kind of player even if he’s not a #1. My only hesitation to say he’s not a #1 is intermediate game is lacking. Great deep, good short, sort of quiet over the intermediate and especially intermediate over the middle. Could be coaching though, never know.

Our Grade: 6th rd

Projected: 4th rd

Pro Comp: Dontrelle Inman

Jake Wieneke (South Dakota State)

6’4 highpointer who looks oddly close to marques colston

Not explosive, but big body with soft hands

Fights to keep plays alive

looks a little like Marques Colston

Our Grade: 7th rd

Projected: udfa

Pro Comp: Marques Colston

Equanimeous St. Brown

Big and long strider, not creative or refined. Caught lots of drag and cross routes short

Not really my kind of guy, I don’t like big players that don’t play big. He’s sort of in that mold

Combine warrior, ran super fast especially for his height. Like low 4.4’s at 6 foot 5

Once you know the combine time and rewatch the tape, there is some stellar speed. He caught a cross on Stanford and burned an entire team. Problem is Brandon Coleman did that 10 times for Rutgers, he was a 6 foot 6 4.4 guy and he ended up not being a dominant pro because the game was generally limited. We may have same type of player where he’s big and fast, but there’s more to be desired. I don’t know that he’s some game breaker #1. It’s just hard to see why he didn’t go back for senior year. I think there’s a lot more improvement to make and I’d like to see more than a few crossing routes. What else you got? Sometimes these situations are coaching, sometimes it’s the coaches know he can’t do much else. He’ll probably be picked higher than he should because of combine stuff and measurables. I just have trouble drafting a guy high after only having 500 yards.

Our Grade: 6th rd

Projected: 3rd rd

Pro Comp: Brandon Coleman

J’Mon Moore (Missouri)

Appears to have pro talent in body composition and athleticism, but doesn’t attack the ball like you like. He waits for the ball to come to him and that’s a bad sign that often doesn’t get fixed. However, that can be learned, so based on tape alone, Moore is really talented especially on back shoulder tough degree difficulty catches. Combine that with enough speed to take it deep and you could have a really good intermediate threat. He looks like a Mike McCarthy type WR, similar to a Davanta Adams. Route running is dope, some plays he breaks ankles. You like how natural he moves too. May have the most natural kinetic energy and movement out of any player in this draft, he’s just a natural runner and jumper and athlete. He’s just not necessarily refined. To see that he ran a 4.6 at combine is just hard to believe because his game speed appears super fast. Lots of 50+ yard plays. Lots of comfort and control. His tracking skills could make him a very valuable pro. Actually more of a chance to become a #1 WR than a lot of guys “ranked” ahead of him. Type of player that proves why draft process is broken. Needs to hustle more when it’s not his play. I want to see more heart and desire on all plays, not just some plays.

Our Grade: 3rd rd

Projected: 5th rd

Pro Comp: Jaron Brown

Auden Tate (Florida State)

Mr. Backshoulder Fade, makes some great outside shoulder away from defender radius catches.

Strength player more than speed player. More of a role guy than number 1. Even though he’s big and strength player, he’s probably going to make most plays on outside instead over the middle in the shit. That being said, I see him as a #4 WR that makes high degree difficulty tough catches. He fits pro game in the sense that he can make tight window catches, but he doesn’t seem to have explosion or versatility you look for in a 1000 yard receiver, and he’s more finesse for size than playing as a strength based big. Works sidelines really well and size doesn’t fit the player. He plays like a smaller guy in a lot of ways, not tough like a mauler attitude in any kind of way.

I wonder if he’ll hold up at the pro level. He is just really lanky and I don’t see a guy whose style is built for durability. Not the type of player I’d reach for, but I understand teams that would want his skill set and shows some flashes, especially on outside in red zone throwing to the back shoulder.

Our Grade: 6th rd

Projected: 5th rd

Pro Comp: Reuben Randle

Darren Carrington (Utah)

He’s an interesting prospect because he had 4 steady years of production but never a 1000 yard season. Much of that was Utah’s offensive style. So many plays I saw him open and QB didn’t have enough foresight to get him the ball in time. With a strong armed pro, he could be a player. He moves well for size. He’s a fluid possession #3 with hands and is a contested catch guy. Not going to give you lots of creativity or YAC and doesn’t look superstar status but makes flashes of super star catches. May end up being a #3 highlight reel type role player that does it on form more than athleticism.

Our Grade: 7th rd

Projected: 6th rd

Pro Comp: Malachai Dupree

Korey Robertson (Southern Miss)

Agile with good hands. Stays on his feet and fights for extra yards, can catch contested in the intermediate. Robertson is really all about the YAC, more so than most in the draft. Interestingly, you’d think a guy who can get YAC would catch a lot short, but they push it downfield to him. He’s a deep ball guy who does it with toughness and strength. Some problems with timing though, plus doesn’t fight through the defense with a my ball attitude. Made some catches where its literally over the defender but too rarely. Has some pro skill and could work his way into a producer role pretty early on but long term seeing only 1 year production at small school is not a good sign for chances to be dominant pro for a while. May be type of guy in right situation to get some looks and play but fades as more talented players join his squad.

Our Grade: 2nd rd

Projected: 3rd rd

Pro Comp: Sentavious Jones

Ka’Ran White (West Virginia)

Brother of Kevin White and that really hurts him. Normally when you have family in the league it helps but because his brother was such a bust at the same position, and Ka’Raun doesn’t have the elite athleticism his brother did it doesn’t help his draft chances. But the fact is he had a lot of production and shows a lot more toughness and intensity than his brother. I wouldn’t rule out his chances of cracking into the league for a few years. Not a #1 or #2 wide out but he could contribute.

Our Grade: 6th rd

Projected: 7th rd

Pro Comp:

Braxton Berrios (Miami)

Small guy who only had 1200 yards over 4 years which is not much production, but there are some flashes that are so nice he’ll likely get drafted. Why didn’t he produce more? I don’t usually like guys that don’t produce but there are moments on tape where Berrios looks like a pro. The slot is becoming so important he could develop into a Jamison Crowder type because he’s fearless at same size with same skill set and ability to put body on the line. This is just not the type of player I would spend a draft pick on.

Our Grade: udfa

Projected: 6th rd

Pro Comp: Jamison Crowder

Byron Pringle (Kansas State)

One of college’s best deep ball threats, who has home run threat talent but not much else. Is he too one dimensional to make it on the next level, or is he good enough speed on deep passes and kick returns to make a team with that role? Tough to say, I didn’t like the one dimensional type nature of the game but with right team he could be a deep ball contributor

Our Grade: 7th rd

Projected: 5th rd

Pro Comp: Joe Morgan

Quadree Henderson (Pittsburgh)

A speed freak homerun type that had production on special teams. Draft him for end arouns and punt returns.

Our Grade: undrafted

Projected: 7th rd

Pro Comp: DeAnthony Thomas

Richie James (Middle Tennessee)

Richie James is big time sleeper alert. He’s the poor man’s Anthony Miller or Calvin Ridley this year. Absolutely the type of player I’d take in 6th or 7th round and people years later wonder how he outperformed the others ahead of him with more hype. The answer is “What have you done for me lately?” He was hurt last year. That’s it. He’s got the skill, the tape, the stats, the measurables…even though he’s not big, he’s pro agile and has pro burst and speed. Hands are legit, body control is legit. It’s exactly what you look for in a sleeper.

Our Grade: 5th rd

Projected: 6th rd

Pro Comp:

Cam Phillips (Virginia Tech)

Cam Philips makes very challenging catches look easy. He didn’t have outstanding production, but it was good enough to get some pro looks. I think he’s got a shot to go late and if not, he’ll be a top priority free agent. He’s a hands player with agility. Not a speed guy or burst player, but all around he looks like he could contribute on next level especially in short to intermediate with YAC and working sidelines.

Our Grade: 7th rd

Projected: undrafted

Pro Comp:

Davon Grayson (East Carolina)

It’s hard to draft any east Carolina receiver after watching Hardy and Jones flop after crazy college production. He’s similar to those guys as a lanky possession receiver who wins with hands and route running but I worry about the system creating the player. He does show pro flashes though with down field tracking, timing and hands.

Our Grade: udfa

Projected: udfa