NFL Draft Tight End Breakdown 2018

Dallas Goedert

Big, fast freak with prototype catch

ability and radius

gets the ball


highpoint king

could dominate slot and actually

line up on outside

took an endaround 20 yards

guy likes the endzone

natural huge hands

lacks burner speed but has functional speed

our grade: 1st rd

projected: 2nd rd

pro comp: Rob Gronkowski/Jmmy Graham

Jaylen Samuels


easy fan favorite freak swiss army knife

was running back in college who avg

1000 yd and 16 TDs year, total 47 TDs

will convert from big RB who could catch

to tight end, guess hell be an old HBack type

the easy comp is Marcel Reese but Samuels ceiling is very high

he’d be perfect as a Saint. Him and Kamara

in same backfield is a dream

versatility make him

prime candidate for special teams contribution


one of only guys that can throw, catch, run

and return a td. jack of all trades

our grade: late 2nd

projected: late 4th

pro comp: Shannon Sharpe

Ian Thomas

only 376 yards and 5 TDs as senior

never did anything before

why such low production?

sleeper athlete for sure

system hurt him with bad qb

can make strong catches

plays fast

deep seem and intermediate threat

could be a valuable #2 TE in throw heavy offene

looks like young Ben Watson, thick

decent speed, not elite ball skills but good

enough to contribute, possibly could work up

to a #1 which is weird to say with such little production

our grade: 3rd rd

projected: 3rd rd

pro comp: Ben Watson

Mark Andrews

hurst had 48 catches with 1 TD, Andrews

had 7 TDs on 19 catches as a WR as a FReshman

toucchdown machine

looks big, more strength than speed

but was former WR

diagnosed diabetes at combine and may create

great value if it causes him to fall

he’s super tough, grinds people for every inch

as much as he doesnt look as fast as some others

at his position, he does get seperation

led country in stats almost 1000 yards

won mackey award

vision like a running back

he’s smart and tough and plays

like he loves football

this is definitely a saints type player

he’s got to be smart and not always take mike

alstott approach

but may get better with pro coaches

hes built righht and plays right despite lacking

elite athleticism

reminds me of old Eli Manning tight ends

like Kevin Boss who won super bowl and was sturd

reliable all around player who could count on but not as

athletic as you wish. smart and tough can take you a long way though

our grade:3rd rd

projected: 3rd rd

pro comp: Kevin Boss

Mike Gesecki

combine warrior, but lacks balance and

leaves a little bit to be desired in grit

not natural athlete in coordinatin (feet)

has ball skills but falls over himself like

eric decker

doesnt attack, more finess than tough

essentially glorified wr

may be overrated

not as much production as should have had

for supposed talent level

will only get whats given, dont take

dudes tape looks just like fleener,

measurables are exactly the same

our grade: 3rd rd

projected: 2nd rd

pro comp: Coby Fleener

Hayden Hurst

OBJ has longer arms at 5’11

runs way upright, gonna get lit up in pros

doesnt brace naturally for contact

speed over power

only 3 tds in 3 years

scouts will drool over speed thinking

theyre getting zach ertz but theyre getting

jared cook, another south carolina

speed guy whos not a stud but serviceable and

doesnt get in endzone with injury issues

our grade: 4th rd

projected:2nd rd

pro comp: Jared Cook

Dalton Schultz

not enough production or tape or catches

but i feel it has more to do with system

being so run heavy at stanford. what you

do see is a super fast footed blocker who’s

a great route runner

lines up all over, some fb, some slot

may be best blocking tight end in class

and most athletic

the only thing is we dont know what production to expect

as receiver because theres not much available

highly recruited 5 star since high school

been on pro radar for a long time

he is a saints best fit at tight end

our grade: 3rd rd

projected: 4th rd

pro comp: Austin Hooper

Troy Fumagali

not a refined athlete

big and tough

not a great route runner

hands guy

natural receiver with massive radius

could be a good #2 TE, possibly #1

theres some top notch catches

ust worry if he can seperate on pro level

could be red zone guy but seems average

tyler eifert type catches

but bad athleticism, ccould be limited

our grade: 5th rd

projected: 5th rd

pro comp: Brent Celek