Next Man Up

Well, the obvious has happened with the loss of Drew Brees as the Saints fell to the LA Rams in a week 2 matchup. Teddy Bridgwater is the next man up with a little bit of Taysom Hill sprinkled in, as Drew is out for the estimated time of 6-8 weeks. Teddy didnt exactly wow people with his preseason play like he did the prior year before the Saints traded for him. He is still a capable quarterback, who I believe can win games surrounded by the same pieces Drew has been working with. Teddy was a first round talent quarterback whose career was derailed by an extremely serious injury. He appears back on track as far as health goes. It is earlier than expected, but I think he wants to be conversation for top 32 quaterback in th league then ascend from there. Most people have jumped ship on him in reference to his play last Sunday. I tend to take a more optimistic approach. He is getting more time to prep as a starter, the coaches will alter plays/play calling to accomodate what he does best. Like most fans, I am ready to see Teddy get his motorcycle cranked up again. For the people that are jumping ship in a time of adversity, go cheer for a 28-3 team in Atlanta. If you are still on board, let it show like my boy Gareth Crosby (@GarethCrosby81).

Football is a chess match on a grass field, and Sean Payton is always multiple moves ahead. If the saints can 3-4 wins while Drew is away for 6 weeks, I would consider us in great shape for Drew’s return. This is Teddy’s audition for being QB of the Saints future, or getting a pay day else where, either way I’m hyped for him. Keep positive vibes and go talk trash for the Saints despite adversity. He had faith to stay in Nola instead of going to Miami… return the favor for him. Lets Go Nola. Whodat!!!!! HOOOOOTY HOOOOOO!!!!

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