New Orleans Saints Wide Receiver Competition Heats Up With New Talent

Michael Floyd

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Going into training camp, we had an already interesting Wide Receiver battle. Now, over a week into it things have changed, and I feel need to follow up on my wide receiver battle article. With injuries and new signings, where do things now stand for the New Orleans Saints deepest position? First, let’s meet the combatants replacing the injured Josh Smith, Eldridge Massington, and Travin Dural.

Entering his 8th season, Michael Floyd looks to pick his career back up off the ground by signing with the New Orleans Saints. Looking back, early in his career he showed promise and that he can compete at the NFL level. In 2013-2015 he had 2,731 yds and 17 tds. He was having an average 2016 and then disaster struck when he got arrested on his 2nd DUI, leading to him getting cut by the Cardinals and then spending two unproductive seasons with the Patriots and Vikings. Curtis Johnson said that our style of offense ”allows guys like him to be productive,” and that he liked what he’s seen in the limited time that Floyd has been with the team. If Payton can work his magic with him, he can be an absolute steal and really help the Saints this season as a very quality depth guy.

Brandon Tate knows that there’s really only one way he’s gonna make the team, and that is by showing out in the return game. Luckily for him, that’s where he feels right at home. He’s entering his 10th season in the league has mainly been a return guy in previous seasons and a good one at that. He makes catches every now and then, so he CAN be provide some help on that end but not as much as other players in the competition.


With new faces joining the roster, they are joining Tommylee Lewis, Keith Kirkwood, Brandon Coleman, and Josh Huff in fighting for a 5th or 6th roster spot. Coleman hasn’t been practicing, but still is my front runner for a 5th spot. None of the other guys have done necessarily bad during camp, but aren’t really making my head turn either, so it’s still a wide-open competition on a possible 6th wide receiver spot.

Now there is another competition going on, one that I didn’t necessarily expect going into camp. Tre’Quan Smith has been on FIRE during camp and is raising some questions on whether or not we could see him jump into the 2nd or 3rd spot on the depth chart. Making play after play, day after day, I think it is obvious that he has given himself an increased role going into the season, but I don’t see him jumping Ginn. Mainly because he’s still young and still needs time to get used to the team. But hey, there’s still plenty of time left to prove that he needs to be high on the depth chart.