Ross Jackson

New Orleans Adds Another Explosive Running Back to the Mix

Boston Scott is an electrifying runner and he just found his way into one of the most electrifying offenses the NFL has to offer. The Louisiana native gets to stay home and play for his home NFL team. If you haven’t heard of Scott before, it’s all good. He’s one of those small school prospects that end up melting your face when you watch his tape. Scott is incredibly elusive and very effective after contact. Scott amassed 1,047 rushing yards and 8 touchdowns on the ground in addition to 20 catches for 181 yards and a touchdown his final season as a Bulldog.

He comes in to a situation where shift, elusive running back play is on high demand and receiving ability out of the backfield is at a premium. It should come as no surprise that the Saints decided to pull the trigger on another running back in this year’s draft considering the inconsistencies that lie behind Ingram and Kamara. With Lasco and Edmunds both having injury concerns and with Williams not having yet proved himself, it makes sense that New Orleans would maximize their options by adding another young option. If nothing else, he might be another valuable player on special teams as a returner. He once averaged 27.9 yards per kick return in 2015. Career-wise he averages 21.8.

Scott’s college production is nothing to gloss over either as his PFF grade put him in some highly-praised company.


He’s got great vision, twitchy and reflexive moves that almost seem second nature, and has good speed having run a 4.40 40 at his pro day. Some of his other pro day numbers were pretty impressive always as Nick Underhill highlights below. He’ll be a welcome addition to the family that the Saints have created and will be able to soak it all up from his homestate.

Just a note: For those that don’t know. 6.69 3-cone drill would have made him the best time in this year’s combine. Next best would have been Chase Edmonds at 6.79.

This is the fourth straight pick that the media folks have listed as potentially undraftable talent that the Saints have selected between rounds four and six. It’s obvious that the front office knows these players in a way that we won’t be able to read about on the NFL website right now. The truth is that right now, this late in the draft, if you can find someone that con contribute on special teams- you’ve drafted well. Not everyone can be a Zach Strief or a Marques Colston. But I gotta say, if anyone can hit on picks late, it’s Ireland. Just check out some of Boston Scott’s plays and see how perfect a fit he is in New Orleans. P.S. enjoy the great music choice.