MS Sports Betting Legalized: Always Bet on Black… and Gold

I live in Gulfport next to Biloxi, Mississippi where the Beau Rivage is located and this week the first ever legal sports bets were placed by, among others, Danny Sheridan on Wednesday. As a kid I would buy the paper every day and check the football standings, statistics and the Danny Sheridan lines, you remember, next to the transactions part of the sports page? The Magnolia state has been ahead of most and moved fast to approve the sports betting. Louisiana, and most others, dropped the ball so to speak. I now have access even if the funds are a bit limited.

The NFL futures odds are very favorable for the Saints this upcoming season and and with the blend of young and veteran talent there is money to be made for those willing and able to take a chance. The Saints winning the Super Bowl odds opened at 18/1 today it is down to 12/1 which means there has been heavy action bet on the Saints. I hate the fact so many are jumping on the bandwagon but the “Prove them right ” Saints are up to the challenge I think. Mississippi has done something right and now I can drive the 8 miles to bet on whatever my heart desires, Louisiana in comparison, totally did the Ernest Byner and fumbled on the Sports betting goalline.

I sit in the Beau Rivage Sportsbook and place the 3009 bet Saints winning it all at 12/1, I can’t tell you how much I bet because of the IRS limits. Just having the freedom to make a bet on the CFL, MLB or golf has given me added excitement for the upcoming football season. The New Orleans win total of 9.5 seems low to me also maybe the Ohio State total of 10.5 with the dumpster fire currently in Columbus merits some investigating as well. The point is Mississippi did the right thing for a change and this will give the state millions that will hopefully trickle down to the regular folks. Now if somehow the powers that be legalize cannabis one day I will be equally proud of the state that has been my home since 1998. Many people don’t realize Ole Miss has been growing federally backed cannabis for fifty years, the only such marijuana research institution in the country. One fight at a time. This week the Magnolia state made a statement and because of that people don’t have try and find a “bookie” named Slim, Tank or Ari. Even though I don’t have the money of a “shark” I am not a “schnook” and study accordingly so as not to lose my shirt. My PSA, do not bet on preseason NFL games. It is something I would expect from a Falcon fan not Who Dat Nation.