Let’s Give Teddy A Chance

The New Orleans Saints headed into the 2019 season with aspirations of winning another Lombardi trophy, and everything seemed perfectly set to make that happen. Those dreams were crushed when the unthinkable happened last week. During the second drive of last week’s game our worst fear came to life when Drew Brees broke his thumb on a freak accident. The injury is expected to sideline Brees for about 6 weeks, and in his absence Teddy Bridgewater will take the lead.

The Saints traded for Bridgewater last year, and resigned him in the off season as insurance if anything were ever to happen to Brees. Unfortunately, the time has come to see if that investment was a worthy one. Now that Teddy is the starting QB it’s time to panic, lose all hope, and start rooting for another team, right? Slow down, not so fast. If history is any indicator, Teddy certainly can be super.

Of the last 53 super bowls 9 of them have been won by a QB that was not the starter that year, and replaced the starter because of injury. I do understand that Brees is hopefully only going to be out 6 weeks and should be back well before we start playing in the playoffs. When Tom Brady took over for an injured Drew Bledsoe, what do you think the fans were thinking? Do you think they thought that he would go on to be considered one of the greatest of all time? Nope. When a former grocery bag boy named Kurt Warner took over for an injured Trent Green, do you think the fans thought Kurt was a future hall of famer? No. When a career backup in NY named Jeff Hostetler took over for an injured Phil Simms, how many fans knew he would win them a super bowl? None of them. Throughout all of sports history there are success stories as great as these, so why not Teddy next?

During the 2016 season while at a team practice Teddy suffered a leg injury in a non contact drill that almost took football from him. Doctors thought that he would never play football again, let alone even walk. But, Teddy was determined to play again, and eventually worked his way back to Minnesota’s roster, then to the NY Jets, before finding his home in New Orleans. There is no doubt from anyone that Teddy has heart, he has proven that he is a fighter, and he has what it takes to win. Let’s not forget either that when Teddy was healthy he went to a pro bowl in his rookie season. Teddy deserves a chance, and as part of the best fan base in the entire world we should give him one. Everyone loves a good comeback story, and we are writing a great one right now here in New Orleans.


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