Marshon Lattimore Is Back

The news broke that New Orleans Saints cornerback Marshon Lattimore will return to play on this Thanksgiving day. If he is healthy enough to play, you would think he is healthy enough to return to his typical role of shadowing the opposing teams number 1 receiver. This week his opponent is Julio Jones; who himself has a questionable injury tag.

Having Lattimore back has to alter the game plan. If Marshon can spend his time stocking Julio Jones all game, that allows for the rest of the underrated defense to key in on Calvin Ridley & to stop the already lackluster Falcons running game. Austin Hooper is OUT so that is one less problem to worry about. The Saints are fighting to remain as the top playoff team and ultimately get a round 1 bye. If all goes right in the final stretch, the Saints can end the season with home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Here is to yalls Turkey/Falcons day…. yall eat good whatever it may be, HAPPY THANKSGIVING.

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