Large Market Teams Success are a Key to NFL Resurgence

Since 2014, NFL ratings have been waning from over-saturation, CTE awareness, and the whole kneeling situation. I’ve met many people, especially older Veterans, who straight up refuse to watch anymore. My personal opinion is that I served so people could peacefully protest regardless if you agree with the timing, platform, or message. The powers are aware they have a problem, not as bad as NASCAR currently, but a problem nonetheless.

It helps when the biggest TV markets have products that are successful, or at least interesting. Currently in the top TV markets, it seems to be trending that way. Look at New York City and Los Angeles, numbers 1 and 2 encompassing 4 teams. The Jets seem to have found a quarterback in Sam Darnold, while Eli Manning and the Giants have a potentially dangerous offense. The LA Rams have added premium free agents to an already talented team who made the playoffs last year, and the Chargers should contend for an AFC West crown. The Chicago Bears have some young talent, although I’m not convinced Trubisky is the answer behind center. Rounding out the top 4 is the Philadelphia Eagles, the current Super Bowl champions. The fifth biggest market is Dallas and they have the ability to be a contender as well.

That is the top 5, others in the top 10 include Houston, San Francisco/Oakland area, Atlanta, and Boston who all have thriving franchises. I link TV and football because at it’s root the game is entertainment, what I call the real reality television. From my point of view, football is a great game that I still love and won’t stop watching, especially when the Saints have a real chance this year. Of course the New Orleans area is barely in the top 50 but that is irrelevant to Big Easy folks. The NFL pie may be a bit smaller these days but it’s still a delicious treat.

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