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Jameis Winston becomes a NOLA Reality

After the 2020 NFL Draft, the New Orleans Saints signed veteran quarterback in Jameis Winston.

Obviously, Jameis Winston is not expecting much playing time behind Drew Brees. After Brees’ thumb injury last year, saints fans saw that it pays to have a back up quarterback that can win you games. Starting quarterbacks go down with injury all too often and that puts their team’s chances of any postseason action in jeopardy. Whether it’s Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger, or Matthew Stafford.

Jameis was atop in the league in passing yardage, at over 5,000 yards. Jameis was second in the league in touchdowns, at 33. Those type stats can keep a Saints team in playoff contention, and do not happen by accident or luck.

With that said, the 30 interceptions are the anchor of his career this off season which was also a league high. Those turnovers are not favorable at all, but I don’t think you can consider one season a pattern considering he has posted 11 and 14 in the past two seasons.


Drew Brees has also led the league in interceptions with 19 in the 2012 season. Maybe Drew had those because of having to take more risks because of the team’s lack of defense. This situation is similar to Jameis’ 2019 environment, but Drew appears to be doing just fine since.

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A change of scenery, boost in coaching, consistent scheme, upgrade in protection and improved defensive play could help Winston produce more reliably if he is called into action. If not, at least he can provide both Hill and Brees an insurance policy, build his development in the best QB room in the NFL, and even help out with information on a much-improved Buccaneers team for two games out of the year; resulting in “W” consumptions in the bayou.

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