Is Jameis Winston an Option as the Saints Backup Quarterback?

Many moves will be made before and after the 2020 NFL draft.  One move that is expected from the Saints is obtaining a 3rd string quarterback. Another quarterback on the roster will allow Taysom Hill to stay in the “do it all” role that he has carved out for himself. If the Saints draft someone, it would have to be someone who they believe could run the offense as a rookie. These types of quarterbacks usually come from the first 3 rounds. Unless a trade happens or top player falls to pick 24, I don’t see a quarterback going to New Orleans in the first 2 rounds. Who knows what players will be available in round 3.

We are not expecting Drew Brees to be injured again in 2020, Brees is not a player that has much injury history. Unfortunately, we all know what is possible when players like Aaron Donald are on the other team. When your reserve quarterback has to come into the game, you want someone who can move the ball and put up points in a game with minimal drop off.

Jameis Winston Career stats

Jameis Winston

The New Orleans Saints did an outstanding job of acquiring a player with enough talent to fill in for Drew Brees with, former 1st round draft pick, Teddy Bridgewater. Jameis Winston could be available for the right price.

We all know Winston’s 30+ interceptions in 2019 are a red flag, but he also led the league in passing yards and was 2nd only to Lamar Jackson for passing touchdowns. 

Jameis Winston League Leader stats

Winston was a first round draft pick who has had ups and downs throughout the years. He has definitely performed more like a quarterback than a backup quarterback who has bee given the opportunity to play a significant amount. Worst case scenario, Winston would be able to come in and put up numbers with a supporting cast that was already better than Tampa bay and has been improved in the off season.

Jameis would have an upgrade in his offensive line playing for New Orleans as well as a running game with Kamara and Murray, position witch Tampa has not had success with recently. Combine this with Emmanuel Sanders opposite Michael Thomas as well as tight end Jared Cook and we would be looking at Winston’s upside without the fumbles, interceptions, sacks and pick sixes.  

The most critical change for a Jameis ran offense in New Orleans is not on the offensive side of the ball. The New Orleans defense has been significantly better than than the Buccaneers defense.  The Saints defense and special teams made numerous big plays that helped Teddy Bridgewater start drives on the right side of the field.

The defensive performances helped Bridgewater pull out wins last year. Teddy’s started out slow but improved his performance week to week. Depending on what happens in the 2020 NFL Draft, and player contract demands, Jameis could be a great option to help New Orleans to keep executing their 2019 offense at a high level.

I assume he could be in position to be one of, if not the highest payed quarterback backup much like Teddy. Other factors that could play a factor in him signing with a team. A major one will be the status of his vision after his LASIK eye surgery. With that said, teams may want to get him in for a visit to get team medical staff members to look at him before committing to any contracts.

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