Innocence Lost: How The NFL Robbed An Organization, A Fanbase, And A Region Of A Super Bowl.

Is this the NFL JFK conspiracy? I don’t know, but there was a serious miscarriage of justice. The officials blew, or actually didn’t blow, the pass interference call that would have given the Saints a 99.9% chance to win the game and a trip to the Super Bowl in Atlanta. That chance was taken away by a group of officials, four with southern California ties, who should have been working the Chiefs Patriots game. The economic impact on the NOLA and Gulf South region is incomprehensible but suffice it to say millions were lost. Did the NFL intentionally give the LA Rams and their massive TV market a boost to start a groundswell of fan support in the 5th largest economy in the world? We will probably never know, but Gooddell might be the Anti Christ or at minimum Lee Harvey Oswald. The legacy lost by Drew Brees and Sean Payton is another immeasurable thing, it also was the season we lost Mr. Benson. It’s not the Rams’ fault but they just don’t deserve to be facing the Patriots this Sunday. If I sound bitter, I AM, for the first time in my life I’m considering not watching the game. As a former competitor you can handle losing a fair game, the NFCCG was not that it was a tragedy of epic proportions. The best Super Bowl result would be a New England blowout win in my opinion further emphasizing cosmic justice. Other fans say “Get Over It” I say NEVER! Let this be our “Remember The Alamo ” rallying cry for Who Dat nation. 

Our own Drew Brees made a statement this week and if he can move forward we all have to find a way. Number 9 and the organization were basically embezzled by the league of a significant opportunity, both financially and professionally. We have to follow the lead of Brees who is a class act and might be a key political figure if he ever goes down that path. The problem is we are FANS, we all now that is short for, and we are still upset over the obvious foul that was not called. The N.O. No Call will never be forgotten by the world wide Who Dat nation though it won’t change anything for our team. Hopefully the will change the way these circumstances are covered with the “Sky Judge”who can override a group of gutless officials, or worse officials with agendas.

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