Happy Saintsgiving

Thanksgiving is a time we gather with family and friends, and give thanks for our many blessings while we feast on turkey and football. The first Thanksgiving was in October 1621, lasting 3 days celebrating the new harvest with 90 Native Americans and 53 Pilgrims in attendance. In the United States, Thanksgiving was first celebrated nationally in 1789 by George Washington, and recognized by Abraham Lincoln in 1863 as a holiday on the last Thursday of November. But, what’s Thanksgiving without football?

Thanksgiving has become as synonymous with football as it is with turkey and both the Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys, have become just as welcomed in our homes as any other guest. The Turkey day tradition of NFL football started in 1934 when George Richards bought the then Ohio Spartans, and moved them to Detroit. Richards needed a way to promote attendance for the newly acquired team and took a chance scheduling a game on Thanksgiving against the Bears. Although, the Bears won the game 19-16, the game was still a huge success selling out all 26,000 seats two weeks before the game. Thanksgiving football has been played though long before the first NFL game, with most likely the first game being played collegiality in 1876 by Yale and Princeton.

This Thursday on Thanksgiving our New Orleans Saints will play their second time on that day against division rival Atlanta Falcons. The last and only time the Saints played on Thanksgiving was in 2010 against the Cowboys, and the Saints winning 30-27. As a Saints fan we have much to be thankful for on that day, we have a current 9 game win streak, the #4 offense, a quarterback playing at an MVP level, Alvin Kamara averaging a score every game, Michael Thomas still can’t be guarded, a defense on the rise, both special team kickers in the top 3, and the current #1 team in all the land. But, one thing is certain that no matter which way these teams are trending both always bring it when they face each other.

The Saints are simply just playing on another level than anyone else right now and this season so far as all the looks that it could be a very special one. This team seems to keep getting better and better with each passing week and showing how dynamic they can be winning in different ways. As the Saints put their undefeated Thanksgiving day record on the line against the Falcons there is no reason to believe this game should go any different than the past 9 games. With the Saints being favored to win by 2 touchdowns they should have plenty of dirty bird to eat on while we enjoy our turkey. Saints 48 Falcons 31


We would all from All Saints Considered like to wish everyone a very wonderful, safe holiday, and Happy Thanksgiving!!! WHODAT!!!