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Free Agent Signing Grades

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Let’s take a look at each free agent signing this 2020 off season and hand out give each one a grade. Next week we’ll look at the players the Saints re-signed and hand out grades, but first let’s look at the new faces coming to New Orleans in 2020.

Saints new free agent signings


Malcolm jenkins player profile image and free agent signing grade

Malcom Jenkins

Deal: 4 years $32 million with 16.25 guaranteed 

The first free agent signing to look at is Malcom Jenkins.

Malcolm will be replacing Von Bell in the starting lineup for this Saints defense in 2020. Jenkins will provide leadership for a relatively young secondary in particular the safety spot. Jenkins will play alongside Marcus Williams and Chancy Gardner Johnson while both Jenkins and Williams play free safety. The great thing is Jenkins brings so much versatility he can play anywhere.


Contract is is for 4 years 32 million. Overall he will receive 16.25 million guaranteed.

Sean Payton has admitted several times one of his biggest mistakes was letting Jenkins go after the 2013 season, and now they have a chance to fix that same mistake. 

Grade: B+

Emmanuel Sanders player profile image and free agent signing grade

Emmanuel Sanders

Deal: 2 years $16 million up to 19 with incentives 

Not all of the numbers are known for Sanders’ contract but this looks like an absolute steal for the Saints so far.

Going into free agency Sanders was my number one target and someone I thought was just out of the Saints price range. His deal is Jared Cook Esq, the numbers are almost identical so far.

What he brings to this offense is a tremendous upgrade to the receiver position. Sanders can play both outside and in the slot at a very high level still and pairing him with Michael Thomas. Let’s just say Sean will have a lot of fun lining these two up all over the field.

Sanders took less from teams like Green Bay and Dallas to come here, and Sanders instantly makes this offense one of the best in the league, and the Saints scary contenders. 

Grade: A-

Micheal Burton player profile image and free agent signing grade

Michael Burton

Deal: 1 year $1.47 million

The Saints are one of the few teams in the NFL to still utilize fullbacks.


Fullbacks in Sean Payton’s offense they are vital in the run and pass blocking game. These fullbacks do see the field in a variety of packages, and even are used in special teams. Burton has seen a lot of action in his NFL career and was even a Saint in the off season last year so. He should be ready to roll when the training camp begins. 

Grade: B  

Deatrick Nichols player profile image and free agent signing grade

Deatrick Nichols

Deal: 1 year

Nichols was one of the first XFL standouts to get a NFL offer. Nichols lead the XFL league in interceptions with 3. Before the league ended the season early, Deatrick showed some great stats and athleticism.

The Saints have gotten lucky with these kind of players before. In 2015, the Saints signed CFL standout Delvin Breaux . He had some good games with the Saints. Sometimes teams just miss out on talent so we shall wait and see. 

Grade: C+

Free agent signing grade

Overall Grade: B+

I really like what the Saints brought in this offseason and these pieces along with who they already have on the roster and can certainly compete for a title this upcoming season.

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