Fat City Frenzy

As training camp heats up in Fat City, AKA Metairie Louisiana, the 2017 Saints season draws near. Today the pads were on, the fans were in attendance, and spirits were high. The veterans and rookies start the process of trying to secure a roster spot on the team. Forgetting disabled lists and practice squads, there are only about 1700 job openings at the NFL level for aspiring players. This is the foundation built on sweat, teamwork and competition. It’s similar to “Boot camp,” which I went through years ago in Florida. They break you down to build you up and teach you the “right” way of doing things. The bad thing is only 53 make the active roster so many players we have an affinity for don’t make the squad.

Fringe players like former LSU receiver Travin Dural are guys on the razor’s edge, some are “camp” bodies. The business part of professional football is never more apparent than during training camp. Unfortunately, these are “our” Saints and rarely does business factor in. This is, and always will be, as personal as it gets. We want a winning, smart and exciting team, a Patriots of the NFC if you will. A Patriot/Saints Super Bowl would be a perfect scenario, just think of the storylines. Drew and Brady, Payton and Belichick, Big Easy and Boston Strong an instant classic. Training camp is the dawn of every new season and hope springs eternal. Fans are introduced to new players like Lattimore, Ramczyk and Kamara mixed with veterans like AJ Klein and Warford. As the coaches and staff attempt a perfect mesh of experience and youthful enthusiasm we pause to realize the games that count are just around the corner.