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Dylan Sanders’ 2020 Way Too Early Saints Mock Draft

There are three things I enjoy in this world. The football regular season, the football postseason, and the football off-season. I always want to dip my toes into each of these while the other is going. During the offseason, I love watching old games. Now that the regular season is starting, why not start up draft hype?! This is “way too early” as the name suggests, as no real football has been played, so for this experiment I’m assuming the Saints are drafting at #32. I would love to see the Saints nab all of these players.

1.32: Utah CB Jaylon Johnson

This guy has pretty much everything you would want in a prospect, except for hype. I have him as my CB1 in this class and everyone else seems to have him at least slightly lower. Getting him is slightly a stretch, but I feel like in a good CB class with some runs on other positions, he could fall to them. His speed, coverage, tackling, and competitiveness all intrigue me greatly. Eli Apple has done good for them as a CB2. But being able to add Jaylon Johnson into the mix would put the Saints CB trio as potentially the best in the league.

3.96: Auburn EDGE Nick Coe

One of the trio of great defensive linemen at Auburn this year. He will likely be overshadowed by Derrick Brown, but Coe is a great player who has experience at IDL, Edge, and even dropping back in coverage a couple of times. The Saints don’t have an obvious need on the line but could definitely use a player like Coe to plug and play wherever they need to.

4.128: North Texas WR Rico Bussey Jr.

Rico is one of the best players from a pretty underrated draft class coming out of C-USA. Bussey is strong handed and quick, when combined with his 6’2 193 lbs. frame it makes him a very dangerous weapon. North Texas uses him on jet sweeps, putting him in the back field, and setting him up for some great YAC opportunities. I would love to see him in a Sean Payton offense.


5.160: Arizona QB Khalil Tate

Speaking of players I would love to see be put into a Sean Payton offense, Khalil Tate is one of the most intriguing college players I’ve seen. He has had a season where he SHINED with his legs, but was mediocre throwing. I’m talking 1,400 rushing yards but only 1,500 passing in 2017. His 2018 campaign was the opposite with 2,500 yards with 26 TDs and 8 INTs passing, but only 200 rushing yards. It seems as through one game this year that he is trying to combine the best of both worlds. He has both the arm talent and definitely the leg talent to become a legitimate starter in the NFL and the Saints aren’t 100% set for Drew Brees’ retirement after a shaky preseason from Teddy Bridgewater.

6.192: BYU TE Matt Bushman

Seemingly everyone in this man’s family was an athlete at some point in their lives. From the BYU website “Mother played volleyball at Ricks College, brother Riley played football at BYU, sister Madeline played volleyball at Dixie State, uncles David Quinn and Scott Gooch played football at BYU, uncle Douglas played basketball at Utah.” He himself also played baseball at BYU. He’s 6’5 245 and one of the best TEs in this class that seemingly no one is really talking about. I think he could fit well in and develop behind Jared Cook at a position that New Orleans can’t seem to get someone to stick at.

7.224: Oregon St. HB Artavis Pierce

Artavis Pierce is definitely overshadowed in the Oregon St backfield, but is the perfect complimentary back in a running back room. He’s got bowling ball size at 5’11 203 with the shiftyness of a much smaller player. He also has experience catching the football out of the backfield. Should he end up being the last pick of the draft, he will be anything but irrelevant.