Drew Brees Is The New Archie Manning With A Better QBR

The greatest Saint player of all time now owns one of the most impressive records in all of sports. Brees passed Brett Farve and Peyton Manning in the same game and now is alone at the top of the yardage list at 71,941. At 39, the guy seems to be drinking from the Pete fountain of youth; 26 for 29 and 363 yards with 3 scores is ridiculous. This to me might be the most talented team in the Brees era and with the team at 4-1, there is good reason for optimism. Now I don’t mean to denigrate Archie, he is a class individual and southern football royalty, but Drew is a better NFL quarterback.

The thing outsiders don’t get about Who Dat nation is that it’s more than just New Orleans, it’s the whole gulf coast region, nay the entire world. The team signing Brees in 2006 after Katrina decimated Biloxi where I was to New Orleans, was so significant it can’t be measured. Number nine is similar to Archie in many ways, another thing is they both have three boys. The Brees’ boys are playing flag football already with coach/dad Drew instructing them on the finer points of sports. One thing I noticed when they stopped the game, Drew told the boys he loved them and you can do anything in life if you work hard enough. That he took such a collassal occasion like that and still made it a teachable moment is in itself why he is who he is.

I’m not saying he is the greatest ever but he’s on my Mount Rushmore with Tom Brady, Joe Montana and I’m not sure about number four actually, but Drew Brees is the most prolific thrower ever. Brees could be the first Mayor/QB ever if he wanted to, hell, Governor/QB is not out of the question. Seriously, if he want a career in politics he could have that, I would not ever bet against the guy. The guy has defied all the odds to get where he is now without a hall of fame type receiver, yes I know Colston was very good, just not Canton good. The former Boilermaker took Purdue to the Rose Bowl! Let that sink in, it may be a bigger accomplishment than winning the 2010 Super Bowl, just not to us. The Saints were a laughing stock until the 80s with the Dome Patrol units, but Drew and company gave us something we never thought we would get, and Monday he received something he never thought he would reach, history.