Dez Bryant’s Time in New Orleans May be Over Before it Began

Unfortunate news for the Saints newest Free Agent acquisition, WR Dez Bryant.

This is awful news for the former Cowboy and short-term Saint who was hoping to be able to revive his chances in the market after this season with a high-octane,explosive offense. Even if the injury isn’t as bad as initially thought, any loss of time for Bryant will hurt his chance this offseason. As Tom Pelissero report, he’s getting an MRI now and will likely get a second opinion later.


If Bryant misses time, the Saints will likely need to fill the void left by Cameron Meredith heading to IR on Thursday following the signing. They have a couple of options in the other participants that were brought in for a workout on Tuesday in Brandon Marshall and Kamar Aiken, however both have missed generous amounts of playing time as of late and might need more time to acclimate much like what was going on with Bryant. Of the two, Brandon Marshall seems the most likely as he reportedly impressed the Saints coaching staff during his time with the team earlier this week. He’d certainly be a big redzone threat that the Saints have craved since Jimmy Graham and Marques Colston.

A more economical choice, in my opinion would be to elevate undrafted rookie WR Kieth Kirkwood from the practice squad. Kirkwood has been a practice squad darling all year impressing in all aspects of the process and also performed well throughout the preseason. He may just have seen his door open.

Obviously the Saints offense won’t suffer from losing a piece it never really had, but this is a terrible situation for a guy that was being rallied around and supported or the first time in his recent career. One has to wonder, if Dez misses this season, if he’ll see another chance with the Saints in 2019.

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