After a uninspired game one Monday in Minnesota, I have increased to DEFCON 3 as far as fear of another mediocre season. With Coach Payton’s horrid play calling, usual defensive breakdowns, and sideline death staring matches, we have to regroup immediately. Drew has beaten the Pats 3 of 4, including a shootout win last time New England came to New Orleans. We nust run the ball early and often the Patriots were gashed by KC and Atlanta the last two games. I also don’t realize how much Brees looks for Snead on third down, and other big moments. The Strief injury is another concern with an already depleted Offensive line. We made Bradford look like Brady last week, now we get the real guy Sunday at high noon. If you go to the dome tomorrow please show up early and drink heavily, we have to reclaim our Dome home. I feel we can win if we protect the ball, force a couple of mistakes, and be aggressive. Either way the qb matchup is probably the best ever as far as resumes and numbers. 500 is a great number for the Saints, be it Brees td passes or 1- 1. Saints fans Whodat? Drewdat? More importantly if in the SuperDome tomorrow YouDat! If we get behind and the crowd isn’t involved it could get ugly. Bill had 10 days to prepare, we had a short week. Let’s get back on track or we may be looking at DEFCON 1 soon. That’s doomsday, blow up the team, dogs and cats marry each other stuff.

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