Christian Mccaffery setting the stage for Alvin Kamara’s contract

Saint’s rival stud running back Christian Mccaffery just the received a contract extension making him the highest paid running back in the league from the Carolina Panthers. It extends his stay in Carolina for 4 years for $64 million dollars averaging out $16 million per year. With that said the conversation has been brought up to how that will affect Alvin Kamara down the line and ultimately the Saints.

Alvin did not have a bad year in 2019, but did not meet his usual expectations due to playing through injury part of the year which can definetely slow players down. So for the Saints to be more inclined to pay Kamara he would have to return to the tier of RBs that Mccaffery, Derrick Henry, etc played at last year. It shouldn’t be too hard for him seeing as New Orleans doesnt shy away from giving him opportunities. That starts a list of positives. I am sure Kamara is already 100% motivated, but having a great season may push that to 150% so that he can as the say “secure the bag”. Another positive about Mccaffery getting that deal done now is the timing. The Saints have an entire season to plan other contracts to ensure there is plenty of room to accommodate Kamara.

The potential of Kamara’s contract could have a negative impact on the Saints as well. When you have top tier players you have to pay them as so. Players like Marshon Lattimore, Taysom Hill, Demario Davis as well as others will be looking for new contracts in the next year or two. Running an NFL team is a business and you can only keep what you can afford. The Saints could stand to lose quality talent pending how their salary cap shakes out. Another potential negative is a holdout on Kamara’s part if the two sides cant come to an agreement right away. I don’t expect this to happen as we have seen Leveon Bell’s and Melvin Gordon’s contracts hurt them more then help them. Kamara holding out is a possibility however especially if the running back position and team wins suffer without him giving him more leverage; possibly wedging a divide between the player and team. Another scenario which would appear as a negative starting out but could be a positive with time would be a holdout by Kamara resulting in him getting traded. A player of his caliber would command a lot in return. I would feel like thats negative because it is hard to find a player of Alvin’s potential as he is Marshall Faulk like without the Rams uniform. I also think it would be a negative for Alvin because i dont see that many teams that would he able to maximize his production like the Saints do (Leveon Bell is an example again leaving the Steelers for the Jets). Christian Mccaffery’s contract will impact the Saints and Alvin Kamara in the next couple months to year or so with many pros and cons to think about. The market is reset and Kamara’s production is now in the spotlight.

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