Bold Predictions: NoLa vs. Dallas

The New Orleans Saints return home after an extended west coast trip to host the Dallas Cowboys for Sunday Night Football. The Saints will look to continue their success with Teddy Bridgewater under center while we wait on the return of Drew Brees. When the teams met during last season Dallas came away with a victory led by their defense, defeating the Saints in Dallas 13-10. But, allot has changed since the last meeting, and one of the biggest changes being the venue with the game being played in New Orleans. The last time they played each other in the Super Dome the Saints won in a thriller as Drew Brees hit CJ Spiller on the first play of overtime to win the game.

After Brees went down in the Rams games everyone outside of New Orleans, and even a few people in the city declared their season lost. The Saints never lost faith in themselves, and they showed they’re full of fight going into Seattle and winning in every way. There is no telling what this game has in store for us, it could be a shootout just as easily as it can be a defensive battle. One thing that is for sure is that any prime time game in the Dome the Saints will come ready to show up and show out. It’s now come the time to take our weekly look into the crystal ball, and see what bold predictions are going to happen.

Teddy Bridgewater will have a big night.

Last week Teddy had the luxury of having two scores gifted to him allowing him to be able to take a conservative approach. This week Coach Payton will open up the offense for him and allow him to make some plays downfield. Teddy will finish the game with over 300 yards passing and 2 touchdowns, and adding 50 yards of rushing and a touchdown.


Alvin Kamara will outshine Zeke.

Kamara took the offense last week and put it on his back, and it appears that will be the game plan until Brees comes back. The defense knows he is going to get the ball, and they still can’t bring him down. Kamara will continue to do the things that proves he is not human as he runs all over the Dallas defense. 75 yards rushing 1 touchdown, 115 receiving yards 1 touchdown. I’m not going to say much about Zeke other then the Saints defense will keep him in check.

Sheldon Rankins will play

Sheldon Rankin was having a career year last year before going out with an injury. There was no set time he was going to come back, but when the team did not place him on IR there was hope, and speculation it was going to be sooner than later. This week Rankins was no on the injury report and becoming available to play. The Saints pass rush has been amazing as they lead the league in getting to the quarterback, and with Rankins coming back this defensive front becomes very scary.

The Saints defense will have another good game and continue being opportunistic.

The numbers Russel Wilson put up last week are very misleading as they were playing catch up for the entire game. The defense showed up in big ways last week scoring on a fumble return, and shutting their offense down on every 4th down attempt. The unit will continue their terror this week on Dak and co. creating several turnovers and sacks.

The Saints win 31-24

The Cowboys may have an undefeated record that looks great on paper, but the reality is they have played the easiest schedule in the NFL. The combined record of all the teams the Cowboys have played this season is 1-8. The Saints already have twice as many wins as all those teams. This will certainly be their toughest match yet. The Saints will be ready to show that they still our one of the best teams in the NFL, and they will have a raucous crowd behind them cheering them on. It will all prove to be to much for the Cowboys as they collect their first loss of the season.

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