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Bold Predictions: N.O. Saints vs. L.A. Rams

If there is one game Saints players and fans have circled on the calendar it most certainly would be this one. The last time these teams met a Super Bowl trip was on the line, a trip the Saints would be robbed of. But we all know that story and how it ends. There is no need to open healed wounds up now. Unlike other teams that still cant seem to get over tragic defeats, (The double dink, and the 28-3 comeback) the Saints appear to have not let any of it carry over from the last 2 seasons.

This game features the two best, and brightest play callers in the game, a battle of the Sean’s ( Payton, and McVay). With these two coaches calling the plays this game will be sure to have a little of everything and a whole lot of scoring. There’s no doubt this game is set to be a thriller going down to the wire, and being won by a field goal as time expires.

After an emotional win against the Texans last week on Monday Night Football, there is concern that the team will not be fully recovered playing on a short week and traveling to the west coast. But, I believe they will be fine, and ready to show who is still the better team. With all that being said it’s now time to look into the crystal ball, and see what we didn’t see coming.

Jared Goff will not have a good game.


In the past 10 games Goff has played only twice has he thrown for more than 1 TD and over 300 yards. One of those games was the last game of the season against a 49ers team that had already given up. I expect him to keep to this trend.

The Saints defense will show up and show out.

If Goff is going to have a bad game it probably means the defense had a good game. The defense showed lots of room for improvement in the last game, but with David Onyemata returning the run defense is sure to improve. One area the defense did not struggle in was pass rushing, tallying up 6 sacks. I don’t think the D will rack up that many, but I don’t think getting 4 is unrealistic either. The D will also add a couple of momentum changing turn overs.

Jared Cook has a big game.

We all know Kamara and Thomas are going to get there’s, but to pull out the win we are going to need some other players step up. After a slow start last week Cook is ready to have his coming out party and put all his doubters to rest. 5 catches 85 and 1 TD.

Wil Lutz kicks another game winner.

In last weeks game Deshaun Watson scored what looked to be the game winner with 37 seconds left on the game clock. Maybe to anyone else the game is over, but 37 seconds to Brees is a lifetime to work with. He drove the team down the field and set Lutz up with a 58 yard game winning field goal. Expect all the dramatics of last weeks theatrical ending this week as I expect this game to go down to the last second again and Lutz putting another one away.

The Refs will not have any blown calls.

The NFL can not let the refs continue to embarrass them. In last weeks game they ran time of the clock before half time incorrectly, and forcing the Commissioners office to call the team again and apologize for getting it wrong again. Thankfully this time it didn’t effect the outcome of the game. Imagine the backlash and cry out if another controversial call comes out of this game. Please, Refs get it together.

Saints win 31-28 WHODAT!!!

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