Ross Jackson

An Uncharacteristic Win

The Saints have just sealed a 20-12 win at home against the Chicago Bears. In process, they have solidified their #1 spot in the division for another week and have climbed to #3 in the NFC with a struggling Tampa Bay on the horizon.

This win though, is unlike any we’ve seen in some time. Yes, the defense has been stellar for five games straight and that’s not news anymore. However, what happened on the offensive side of the ball is. We scored to TDs on the ground- one by Kamara and then the other by Ingram. However, we didn’t see the usual Drew Brees production. His stat line looks great. 23/28 (82%) for 299 yards, no INTs and a 111.2 passer rating. But the glaring omission is that he didn’t throw a TD.

Of course, had it not been for a couple of fumbles by Mark Ingram, he might have. But the thing is that he didn’t need to. The defense and ground game played their parts, as did special teams including a big time, touchdown saving (albeit penalized) tackle by Wil Lutz on kick off coverage.

This is the first time since Week 4 of 2009 that the Saints have managed a W despite Brees not getting the ball into the endzone. The Saints are now 4-12 in the sixteen games that Brees didn’t throw a TD while with the team Working backwards, here’s a log of all regular season games in which Brees didn’t record a TD.



Week 8 – Win against Chicago 20-12


Week 14 – Loss to Tampa Bay 11-16

Week 13 – Loss to Detroit 13-28


Week 12 – Loss to Houston 6-24


Week 13 – Loss to Atlanta 13-23


Week 17 – Loss to Carolina 10-23 (Did not Play)


Week 4 – Win against New York Jets 24-10

Week 3 – Win against Buffalo 27 – 7


Week 7 – Loss to Carolina 7-30


Week 16 – Loss to Philadelphia 23-38

Week 5 – Loss to Carolina 13-16

Week 3 – Loss to Tennessee 14-31

Week 1 – Loss to Indianapolis 10-41



Week 17 – Loss to Carolina 21-31 (Only Attempted 5 Passes)

Week 15 – Loss to Washington 10-16

Week 3 – Win against Atlanta 23-3

If you think this team has yet to turn a corner, here’s some evidence for you for sure. In the last 7 seasons, we could have never expected the Saints to pull out a win like they did today. This promises great hope for the team, but also for Brees’s future with the time he has left. This team is taking on a championship mentality.