Ross Jackson

An Eye on the Enemy: The Falcons Select Isaiah Oliver in the Second

The Atlanta Falcons selected Colorado CB Isaiah Oliver with the 58th pick of the draft and I absolutely hate it. I’m a fan of Oliver’s and I think he’s a great player. Oliver is a quick defensive back running a 4.50 40 at 6’0″. His biggest knock though is that once he’s beat, he’s beat.

Despite that, he only allowed 41% of the passes thrown his way at Colorado to be completed. He’s got great ball skills and long arms that allow him to make up for lost position from time to time. He’s not the best tackler and tends to shy away from contact, which won’t fare well against many of the Saints’ weapons.

He’s another corner that will need to contest receivers at the line of scrimmage. This is an obvious make-up pick for the Jalen Mills release and it’s a good one. I’d give this one a 6/10 as it will take time for him to catch on the speed of the NFL, which isn’t his strength. CGM and Ted Ginn will give him trouble early in his career. If they give him enough trouble, he might decide to dedicate all of his time to training for the olympics as a decathlete.